Pet Shop Boys / “Thursday” CD Single


The Pet Shop Boys are certainly churning out the singles from Electric.

Love Is A Bourgeois Construct has only just been released, but Neil and Chris are already focusing on the next single, Thursday (featuring Example), which is due out on 4 November.

This CD single will be similar to the last ones (gatefold, inner wallet), and includes two new ‘B-sides’ in the shape of No More Ballads and Odd Man Out. The radio edit of Thursday is featured alongside one remix (the ‘Tensnake Remix’).

7 responses to Pet Shop Boys / “Thursday” CD Single

  1. Duncan says:

    No inner wallet this time :(

  2. Michael says:

    I wonder if they’re churning out the singles to drop a deluxe edition of ELECTRIC or perhaps DISCO 5? As with ELYSIUM, I’m liking the b-sides and remixes for this one more than most of the album.

    • Marko says:

      Probably they will save b-sides for another b-sides compilation. They have some great b-sides from elysium. My favourite is ‘One Night’.

  3. Fady says:

    This is my favourite track on the album. Cracking tune. I like the look of the CD single contents as well with the variety of proper B-sides instead of just remixes only. The only shame is that the 12 inch version doesn’t include the CD single B-sides. The cheeky buggers!

  4. Darren Bailey says:

    I think they see this as a chart hit, something they seemed to have opted out of with the Electric singles up to this point. The previous CD singles came out long after the digital releases and contained to many tracks to be chart eligible.

    • NeilKelly says:

      Exactly what i was thinking Darren surprised Andrea didn’t work this out. Probably out same day as download…

  5. This is very odd: Love Is a Bourgeois Construct wasn’t even yet released and they were yet announcing the next single. Also Bourgeois didn’t have a videoclip, but both Thursday and Vocal (the first single) had it.
    Finally, Vocal and Bourgeois both had several remixes in only one CD, while Thrusday doesn’t.

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