Pet Shop Boys / Vocal CD single

Pet Shop Boys / Vocal remixes CD single

The Pet Shop Boys will release a 9-track CD edition of their new single Vocal on 29 July 2013.

The CD comes in a gloss-laminated gatefold wallet, with an inner wallet in vibrant dayglo orange. This is the lead single from their new Stuart Price produced album Electric, and is the first on their new label x2 (working with Kobalt Label Services).

The packaging certainly sounds like a step up from the Parlophone CD singles of the last few years, which have come in a single ‘no frills’ card sleeve. If no other Vocal CD emerges then this could be the first Pet Shop Boys UK single since Surburbia to have no official B-side or non-album track available on CD at the time of release.

CD Single


Track listing

  • 1. Vocal (Album Mix)
  • 2. Vocal (Rektchordz Dub)
  • 3. Vocal (Armageddon Turk Teargas Mix)
  • 4. Vocal (The Cucharachas Mix)
  • 5. Vocal (JRMX Club Mix)
  • 6. Vocal (Ivan Gomez & Nacho Chapado Mix)
  • 7. Vocal (Rektchordz Mix)
  • 8. Vocal (Wawa Extended Mix)
  • 9. Vocal (The Cucharachas Dub)

8 responses to Pet Shop Boys / Vocal CD single

  1. jbromley says:

    … and as if by magic my copy of this has just dropped onto the mat courtesy of our local postie…
    The outer jacket is a disappointing cardboard affair, with an inner cardboard sleeve. This reminds me of the CDs for Domino Dancing and Left to My Own Devices, and funnily enough the double pack 7″ for Suburbia.
    My .02 for some of the above comments, the PSB were consistently at the forefront of special packaging for CDs, just see the initial copies of Very/Relentless album pack, and even just Very original cd, with it’s “lego” case, which the boys took the hit for on it’s loss leading case rather than EMI.
    Finally, as to the quality of the remixes of Vocal, I can’t comment at the mo, as I’m away from Stereo at the moment…

  2. jbromley says:

    Suburbia – no B-Sides? What about Paninaro/Jack the Lad and the Shep Pettibone remix of Love Comes Quickly too? Also, it was never released on CD … C’mon Paul, you’re slipping

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      What I wrote was “this could be the first Pet Shop Boys UK single since Surburbia to have no official B-side or non-album track available on CD at the time of release”. I’m not saying Surburbia didn’t have a B-side (hey, I own the cassette single) just that there was no B-side on CD (because the CD singles started with It’s A Sin)…. just as with Vocal there is no B-side on CD, or indeed any B-side at all! Hope that makes sense :)

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  4. Soren says:

    And not in a standard card sleeve it’s really looks good.

  5. Mike says:

    9 modern remixes, heavy going…. :)

  6. Justin says:

    Wow. ‘Import’!! Back to the late 80s for a PSB. CD single. The album is great, my wallet suffers again!

  7. Richard John says:

    I thought going independent would result in PSB singles being reined in somewhat, given there’s no EMI marketing budget to help with remixes, videos, etc. The first couple of “singles” backed that up, with the Axis and Vocal singles on iTunes being the album tracks.

    Thankfully this looks like it may be better than anything EMI have managed to push out the door in a while. Can’t wait.

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