Pink Floyd The Wall Immersion Box Sampler: Listen to some demos

A chance to hear some of the demos on the box set.

3 responses to Pink Floyd The Wall Immersion Box Sampler: Listen to some demos

  1. Kiwwy says:

    Yes, I was also wondering for a bit how it could all be exclusive.

    I think they missed a good promo opportunity with “Empty Spaces / What shal we do now” as that seems to be a bit of a holy grail for many fans.

  2. Kiwwy says:

    Doesnt sound too bad actually. How well would you say that these clips represent the whole set?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      In some ways they are quite unrepresentative. EMI have chosen (surprisingly) to give you a sample of the tracks that lots of fans would be interested in hearing. ie stuff that didn’t make it on to the album (Sexual Revolution, Teacher Teacher etc).

      None of Roger’s solo demos are here, which while mainly ‘excerpts’ are still really interesting. Virtually every track on the album is provided in demo form on the immersion box so the scale of what’s on offer isn’t really reflected, but hey, I guess it’s just a sampler.

      By the way on the graphic EMI incorrectly say that “The Wall Work In Progress” is exclusive to the Immersion Edition.

      NOT TRUE – All the demos on the sampler are also on the 3-disc ‘Experience’ edition with the exception of “Outside The Wall” and “It’s Never Too Late”.

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