Pretenders / 9LP vinyl box set

Following the recent Pretenders CD/DVD deluxe editions, Edsel are releasing all eight albums together in The Vinyl Collection 1979-1999, a limited edition vinyl boxset and if you’re quick you could get a SIGNED print with it.

The set features the following records, all of which are pressed on 180g vinyl (with three of them new to vinyl):

  • • Pretenders
  • • Pretenders II
  • • Learning To Crawl
  • • Get Close
  • • Packed!
  • • Last Of The Independents
  • • The Isle Of View (2LP)
  • • Viva El Amor!

This is available through the Official Pretenders Store and as a special exclusive, the first 100 fans to preorder will receive a free 12” x 12” print SIGNED by Chrissie Hynde. It’s also available via Amazon UK which is an option if the official store doesn’t ship to your location.

The Vinyl Collection 1979-1999 will be released on 18 May 2015



9 responses to Pretenders / 9LP vinyl box set

  1. Fransuá says:

    Portugal but not Spain??

  2. Phil Cohen says:

    After the reported sound quality problems with Edsel’s Pretenders CD/DVD sets(and the 22-disc CD/DVD boxed set, which is presently in route to me), I would advise caution. Wait and read customer reviews of this Pretenders vinyl boxed set before buying. Maybe it will be O.K., but play it safe.

  3. Baward says:

    Shocking the way the photographer treats records :-)

  4. Chris says:

    Any idea why Loose Screw and Break Up the Concrete were not included? Different labels, I suppose… it would be nice to have the entire set.

  5. colm47 says:

    Brought the box on CD. Would have held out for vinyl if I knew it was coming out. Especially if they give a download code with it!

    The poster with the CD box wasn’t great either. Not very personalised when all the buyers names were on it, not just my own!!!

  6. DJ Control says:

    Not available in Australia as well :(

  7. Don says:

    I find it absurd that they will ship to Cyprus and Serbia…but not Canada!!

  8. Chris says:

    Not available in the US?

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