Prince returns with new website and new song (“Screwdriver”)

Prince returns with new website and new song "Screwdriver"

Prince’s new site can be found at

Prince is back online! His new website can be found at the awkwardly titled which at the moment contains a new song Screwdriver, a teaser trailer to what looks like a new a new live video (Prince at Montreux) and and advert for latest protegé Andy Allo’s album Superconductor.

The new song is of most interest, and – inelegant toolbox/sex analogies aside (“I’m ur driver and ur my screw“) – it’s really rather good. The video (see below) shows a hooded Prince performing with an all-female backing band.

There are currently six empty content boxes on the webpage telling us to ‘Stay Tuned’ – so we will do just that…

3 responses to Prince returns with new website and new song (“Screwdriver”)

  1. Bert says:

    If I’m generous I’d say it is a mediocre track. Let’s face it: 1980s Prince would be ashamed to be in the same room as that throwaway tune. Typically yet another slapped-on-tape-in-half-an-hour-“this will do” non-effort.

    And yes, I’m a big fan. Well, used to be. Until Prince decided about 15 years ago that he couldn’t be arsed with quality control, and that just rehashing past successes was earning him enough. Go read his new Billboard interview: first thing that comes out of his mouth has to do with money.

    FYI the Montreux video that he’s planning to sell via his website has already been circulating as a bootleg (a copy of the DVD!) for about a year or so.

  2. Paul Sinclair says:

    Yes, I thought of “Peach” too!

  3. Archie Dalrymple says:

    From the same stable as Peach & Guitar…….and there’s nowt wrong with that! :)

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