Propaganda / “Wishful Thinking” remastered expanded reissue

Propaganda / Wishful Thinking reissue element 23Propaganda‘s 1985 album A Secret Wish was swiftly followed up later that same year with Wishful Thinking, an eight-track remix album featuring reworked versions of many tracks including singles Duel and Dr. Mabuse.

A Secret Wish was reissued in 2010 as a 2CD Deluxe Edition (number 11 in ZTT’s element series) and June 2012 sees the release of Wishful Thinking from ZTT/Salvo in the form of an expanded one CD remaster (number 23 in ZTT’s element series).

The reissue features six bonus tracks (five previously unreleased) details below:

  • 1. Abuse
  • 2. Machined
  • 3. Laughed
  • 4. Loving
  • 5. Jewelled
  • 6. Loved
  • 7. Abuse
  • 8. Thought
  • 9. Strength to Dream (Outtake 04.02.84)
  • 10. p:Machinery (The Beta Wraparound)
  • 11. The Murder of Love (Murderous Instrumental)
  • 12. Dr Mabuse (Outtake 24.04.85)
  • 13. Frozen Faces ( A Secret Sense of Rhythm)
  • 14. p:Machinery (The Voiceless Beta Wraparound Edit)

3 responses to Propaganda / “Wishful Thinking” remastered expanded reissue

  1. David Gibbs says:

    Some very nice bonus tracks there. The Murder of Love appears to be a backing track from the 1985 live tour (missing bass, guitar and some percussion), and Dr Mabuse is a very subtle variation from the single, but the Frozen Faces mix is quite different from earlier versions, and Strength to Dream is worth the money on its own.

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  3. Steve Marine says:

    This is great news. I LOVE Propaganda!

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