Quadrophenia Blu-ray release sees new 5.1 mix approved by The Who

Quadrophenia Blu-ray release / The WhoThe 1979 film Quadrophenia, based of course on The Who’s classic rock opera, gets a director-approved Blu-ray release in the US on 28 August from movie connoisseurs The Criterion Collection.

The coming-of-age film set in the early 1960s featured early performances from Phil ‘Parklife’ Daniels, Ray Winstone and Sting. Franc Roddam directed.

The Blu-ray features a new high-definition digital restoration of the uncut version of the film, an all-new 5.1 surround mix, supervised by The Who (presented in DTS-HD Master Audio), and the original 2.0 stereo track (for the purists).

Other features of the Blu-ray are:

  • • New audio commentary featuring director Franc Roddam, and director of photography Brian Tufano
  • • New interview with Bill Curbishley, the film’s co-producer and The Who’s co-manager
  • • New interview with The Who’s sound engineer, Bob Pridden, discussing the new mix, featuring a restoration demonstration
  • • On-set and archival footage
  • • Behind-the-scenes photographs
  • • Trailers
  • • A booklet featuring an essay by critic Nick James, a reprinted personal history by original mod Irish Jack, and Pete Townshend’s liner notes from the album

This new Blu-ray reissue (a DVD version will also be available) can be pre-ordered from The Criterion Collection website. Please note that discs may be region-limited to the US.

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  2. Hedley says:

    Have it preordered from Amazon

    Of course this really should have been included in the Super Duper extra deluxe boxset which wasnt terribly inexpensive.

    Happy Birthday to Pete Tonshend for the 19th

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