Reason to be Cheerful: Ian Dury studio albums set on the way


Edsel Records will issue an Ian Dury box set this autumn.

The Studio Albums Collection will feature all eight of the singer’s long-players, that is: New Boots and Panties!! (1977), Do It Yourself (1979), Laughter (1980), Lord Upminster (1981), 4,000 Weeks’ Holiday (1984), Apples (1989), The Bus Driver’s Prayer & Other Stories (1992), and Mr. Love Pants (1998).

A bonus CD will also be included and is expected to collect various singles, making this a nine-CD box (not 10 as indicated on Amazon).

The Studio Albums Collection is out on 6 October 2014.

4 responses to Reason to be Cheerful: Ian Dury studio albums set on the way

  1. Metal Mickey says:

    @ bob

    That was my first thought too! Bearing in mind the fantastic Barney Bubbles was responsible for Dury’s “classic” sleeves, this really comes under the heading of “will this do?”

  2. bob says:

    Jeez…is that the best they could come up with for the cover art? I am hoping the cover for the new T.Rex box set will be a lot better than this.

  3. Arf says:

    Would be nice if they could include the Kilburns’ stuff too.

  4. Joe says:

    How about ‘Ten More Turnips From The Tip’ the posthumous album?

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