Rolling Stones / “Summer Sun: Hyde Park” deluxe hits the USA


A month after being announced, Sweet Summer Sun: Hyde Park Live, the celebration of The Rolling Stones‘ two 2013 summer gigs in central London’s most famous green space, has finally been made available to US and Canadian fans.

Not only that, Amazon in the US has most of the configurations available, including the T-shirt-and -DVD (pictured above) and the elusive ‘Deluxe Edition‘ (2CD+DVD+Blu-ray and book) which is still not available on Amazon UK.

We do like that T-shirt (no monkeys to be seen anywhere) and it looks like it comes with the DVD, in a decently presented outer box. Curiously, Canada doesn’t have the deluxe box on offer (or the T-shir combo), but does list the vinyl 3LP+DVD which isn’t on the US site.

Sweet Summer Sun: Hyde Park Live is released on 11 November. Fans outside the US can check out this post for details and pre-order links.

US ‘Stones Fans:

Canadian ‘Stones Fans:

3 responses to Rolling Stones / “Summer Sun: Hyde Park” deluxe hits the USA

  1. Phil says:

    Great, I bought the show on iTunes because it was only up for one month, now it’s available on CD/DVD. Have I missed something or have I shelled out for a lossy version when I could have had a much better one?

  2. Roby says:

    Sweet Summer Sun – Hyde Park Live Deluxe Edition [Book+DVD+Br+2cd] [2013] [NTSC] is available on for 24 euros only, grab it now -)

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