Rory Gallagher / Irish Tour ‘'74 deluxe box set

Next month sees the release of an eight-disc Rory Gallagher live box set.

The late blues rocker has his Irish Tour ’74 double album (originally issued in 1974) expanded massively, with an enormous amount of previously unreleased material across seven CDs including dates in Belfast and Dublin.

A bonus DVD (NTSC, region free) features the Tony Palmer directed documentary Irish Tour ’74.

This set is released on 20 October 2014 and comes packaged in a ten-inch box and for the time being is available exclusively via the Rory Gallagher official store at a very special price.

Track listing

Disc 1 & 2
Cork (5th of January 1974)
1. Messin’ With The Kid*
2. Cradle Rock
3. I Wonder Who
4. Tattoo’d Lady
5. Walk On Hot Coals
6. Laundromat*
7. A Million Miles Away
8. Hands Off*
9. Too Much Alcohol
10. As The Crow Flies
11. Pistol Slapper Blues*
12. Unmilitary Two-Step*
13. Bankers Blues*
14. Going To My Hometown*
15. Who’s That Coming
16. In Your Town*

Disc 3 & 4
Dublin (2nd of January 1974)
1. Cradle Rock*
2. Tattoo’d Lady*
3. Hands Off*
4. Walk On Hot Coals*
5. Laundromat*
6. Too Much Alcohol*
7. A Million Miles Away*
8. As The Crow Flies*
9. Pistol Slapper Blues*
10. Bankers Blues*
11. Unmilitary Two-Step*
12. Going To My Hometown*
13. In Your Town*
14. Bullfrog Blues*

Disc 5 & 6
Belfast (29th of December 1973)
1. Messin’ With The Kid*
2. Cradle Rock*
3. I Wonder Who*
4. Tattoo’d Lady*
5. Walk On Hot Coals*
6. Hands Off*
7. A Million Miles Away*
8. Laundromat*
9. As The Crow Flies*
10. Pistol Slapper Blues*
11. Unmilitary Two-Step*
12. Bankers Blues*
13. Going To My Hometown*
14. Who’s That Coming*
15. In Your Town*
16. Bullfrog Blues*

Disc 7
City Hall in Session (3rd of January 1974)
1. Maritime (The Edgar Lustgarden Cut)
2. I Want You / Raunchy Medley*
3. Treat Her Right
4. I Wonder Who*
5. Too Much Alcohol*
6. Just A Little Bit
7. I Can’t Be Satisfied*
8. Acoustic Medley*
9. Back On My Stompin’ Ground (After Hours)
10. Stompin’ Ground (Alt version)

Disc 8 (DVD)
The Tony Palmer directed documentary Irish Tour ’74
(courtesy of Eagle Rock Entertainment)

* Previously unreleased

10 responses to Rory Gallagher / Irish Tour ‘'74 deluxe box set

  1. Mic Smith says:

    I have lots of Rory live material including the original Irish Tour 74 remastered CD which I consider his peak in terms of live shows. At thirty quid this release represents good value for anyone that needs more complete shows of the same vintage plus the Tony Palmer DVD which you would think most fans already own as a separate release (I don’t as it happens). But I’m in 2 minds about getting this box to be honest. Disc 7 aside, the 3 live sets mostly comprise the same songs and I’m not sure I need all three – particularly considering what else is coming out by other bands that mean just a bit more to me.
    It’s great that this material is there for those that want it though. Maybe I’ll cave in in time but right now I’m thinking I’ll resist.

  2. Andy says:

    I can echo paulb’s comments regarding spin cds… …looks like the best deal currently!

  3. Richard says:

    £29.99 delivered from spincds, or a ridiculous £62.03 currently on amazon uk

  4. My Jelly says:

    This Rory box set is being sold by an American Web Site My Play Direct. It will cost £32.50p with P & P being a UK purchaser plus additional importation taxes etc. So that ‘Special Price’ will rise. The official release date is the end of October 2014 so it could be another month after that when and if you receive it.

    • Jon says:

      This is incorrect. MyPlay are a UK company also and ship from the UK, so no import taxes. It will be delivered for release date

  5. Fat Old Bloke says:

    $15 for postage !

  6. Marcello says:

    Please, note that in Amazon form germany you can order it at a reasonable price!!

  7. Fat Old Bloke says:

    Shame the DVD doesn’t contain 5.1 mixes of the audio such as the Allman Brothers Fillmore East or other unreleased footage. I’m in for the CDs however!

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