Scared To Get Happy / The Story of Indie Pop / five CD set on the way

Scared To Get Happy / The Story Of Indie Pop 1980-1989

Cherry Red records narrate a ten-year story of indie pop with a new mammoth five-CD box Scared To Get Happy.

This set bookends the decade of the 1980s, and takes in tracks from the likes of The Pale Fountains, Lloyd Cole, Prefab Sprout, Everything But The Girl, The Wonder Stuff, The Brilliant Corners and The Vaselines amongst many, many others. In fact the label are still tweaking the track listing at the time of writing, so don’t be surprised to find a few final tweaks applied by the time this is released, which is expected to be June 2013.

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Full track listing below:

Scared To Get Happy: A Story of Indie-Pop 1980-1989

CD 1
1. The Wild Swans, “Revolutionary Spirit”
2. Girls At Our Best, “Getting Nowhere Fast”
3. The Pale Fountains, “(There’s Always) Something On My Mind”
4. Josef K, “The Missionary”
5. The Monochrome Set, “Jet Set Junta”
6. The Blue Orchids, “Dumb Magician”
7. The Marine Girls, “Don’t Come Back”
8. The Fire Engines, “Candy Skin”
9. Dolly Mixture, “Everything And More”
10. Scars, “All About You”
11. The Nightingales, “Paraffin Brain”
12. Farmers Boys, “I Think I Need Help”
13. Jane, “It’s A Fine Day”
14. Prefab Sprout, “Lions In My Own Garden (Exit Someone)”
15. Weekend, “Summerdays”
16. The Lines, “Nerve Pylon”
17. Fantastic Something, “If She Doesn’t Smile It’ll Rain”
18. The Higsons, “The Lost And The Lonely”
19. Everything But The Girl, “Feeling Dizzy”
20. Black, “Human Features”
21. Strawberry Switchblade, “Trees And Flowers”
22. The Daintees, “Roll On Summertime”
23. Nick Nicely, “49 Cigars”
24. Trixie’s Big Red Motorbike, “Norman And Narcissus”
25. The Cherry Boys, “Kardomah Café”
26. Aztec Camera, “Oblivious”

CD 2
1. Hurrah, “The Sun Shines Here”
2. The Pastels, “I Wonder Why”
3. Pulp, “Everybody’s Problem”
4. Grab Grab The Haddock, “I’m Used Now”
5. Friends Again, “Honey At The Core” (Moonboot Version)
6. The Bluebells, “Callander Green”
7. Lloyd Cole & The Commotions, “Are You Ready To Be Heartbroken” (Indie Version)
8. In Embrace, “This Brilliant Evening”
9. Microdisney, “Dolly”
10. The Woodentops, “Plenty”
11. The Jazz Butcher, “Southern Mark Smith”
12. The Jasmine Minks, “Where The Traffic Goes”
13. The June Brides, “Every Conversation” (Single Version)
14. The Revolving Paint Dream, “In The Afternoon”
15. The Shop Assistants, “All Day Long”
16. Biff Bang Pow!, “The Chocolate Elephant Man”
17. James, “Hymn From A Village”
18. The Jesus and Mary Chain, “Just Like Honey” (Demo Oct ‘84)
19. The Loft, “Up The Hill And Down The Slope”
20. That Petrol Emotion, “Keen”
21. Yeah Yeah Noh, “Temple Of Convenience”
22. The Wedding Present, “Go Out And Get ‘Em Boy”
23. The Bodines, “God Bless”
24. We’ve Got A Fuzzbox And We’re Gonna Use It, “Xx Sex” (Demo)
25. Mccarthy, “Red Sleeping Beauty”
26. The Mighty Lemon Drops, “Something Happens”

CD 3
1. Primal Scream, “Velocity Girl”
2. The Primitives, “Thru The Flowers”
3. The BMX Bandits, “Sad”
4. Mighty Mighty, “Is There Anyone Out There?”
5. The Soup Dragons, “Fair’s Fair”
6. The Wolfhounds, “Cut The Cake”
7. The Chesterfields, “Completely And Utterly”
8. The Servants, “Transparent”
9. The Close Lobsters, “What Is There To Smile About” (Demo)
10. Pop Will Eat Itself, “Sick Little Girl”
11. The Razorcuts, “Big Pink Cake”
12. The Weather Prophets, “Almost Prayed”
13. Jamie Wednesday, “Vote For Love”
14. Talulah Gosh, “Beatnik Boy”
15. The Dentists, “She Dazzled Me With Basil”
16. The Railway Children, “A Gentle Sound”
17. The Groove Farm, “Baby Blue Marine”
18. Jesse Garon & The Desperadoes, “The Rain Fell Down”
19. Rosemary’s Children, “(Whatever Happened To) Alice?”
20. The Wonder Stuff, “A Wonderful Day”
21. This Poison!, “Engine Failure”
22. The Brilliant Corners, “Delilah Sands”
23. 14 Iced Bears, “Balloon Song”
24. The Heart Throbs “Toy”
25. The Rosehips, “Room In Your Heart”
26. King Of Luxembourg, “A Picture Of Dorian Gray”

CD 4
1. The House Of Love, “Shine On”
2. The Darling Buds, “Shame On You” (Native Single Version)
3. The Pooh Sticks, “Indiepop Ain’t Noise Pollution”
4. The Bachelor Pad, “The Albums Of Jack”
5. The Shamen, “Something About You”
6. Gol Gappas, “Albert Parker”
7. Hangman’s Beautiful Daughters, “Love Is Blue”
8. Whirl, “Heaven Forbid”
9. The Boy, “Hairdressers Tidalwave”
10. The Flatmates, “Shimmer”
11. Apple Boutique, “Love Resistance”
12. Laugh, “Take Your Time Yeah!”
13. Groovy Little Numbers, “You Make My Head Explode”
14. The Waltones, “She Looks Right Through Me”
15. Yeah Jazz, “Sharon”
16. The Clouds, “Tranquil”
17. The Raw Herbs, “She’s A Nurse But She’s Alright”
18. The Siddeleys, “My Favourite Wet Wednesday Afternoon”
19. Rodney Allen, “Circle Line”
20. The Corn Dollies, “Be Small Again”
21. The Hepburns, “The World Is”
22. Bubblegum Splash, “One Of Those Things”
23. The McTells, “Jesse Man Rae”
24. The Charlottes, “Are You Happy Now?”
25. Another Sunny Day, “I’m In Love With A Girl Who Doesn’t Know I Exist”
26. The La’s, “Son Of A Gun” (Demo)

CD 5
1. The Stone Roses, “The Hardest Thing In The World”
2. The Inspiral Carpets, “Keep The Circle Around”
3. The Sea Urchins, “Solace”
4. Cud, “Only (A Prawn In Whitby)”
5. The Popguns, “Landslide”
6. East Village, “Strawberry Window”
7. The Fanatics, “Suburban Love Songs”
8. The Milltown Brothers, “Roses”
9. The Orchids, “I’ve Got A Habit”
10. Bradford, “Skin Storm”
11. The Claim, “Picking Up The Bitter Little Pieces”
12. The Poppyheads, “Pictures You Weave”
13. The Sun And The Moon, “Adam’s Song (Pour Fenella)”
14. The Desert Wolves, “Speak To Me Rochelle”
15. The Golden Dawn, “My Secret World”
16. Blow Up, “Forever Holiday”
17. Korova Milk Bar, “Do It Again”
18. Avo-8, “Big Car”
19. The Rain, “Dry The Rain”
20. The Boo Radleys, “Catweazle”
21. The Seers, “Sun Is In The Sky”
22. The Telescopes, “Perfect Needle”
23. The Vaselines, “Jesus Don’t Want Me For A Sunbeam”

8 responses to Scared To Get Happy / The Story of Indie Pop / five CD set on the way

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  2. jen says:

    Shame about the Aztec camera track you hear that all the time. Something a bit more obscure?

  3. Wills says:

    This is a fabulous compilation.
    Can’t wait to get my hands on it.
    As Mike Fisher said, I really hope Cherry Red have upped their quality control procedures for this one.

  4. Metal Mickey says:

    Interesting set – at first glance it seems to have a lot of crossover with the old “Indie Top 20” series and the NME’s “Indie City” double-cassette comp, but then it would, wouldn’t it? Nice that the best-known artists are represented by lesser-known tracks, will check this out nearer the time…

  5. JDM says:

    Worth buying for Velocity Girl by Primal Scream alone!

  6. Mike Fisher says:

    Looks very interesting, but feel disappointed thinking about Cherry Red’s reputation for using needle drops. (At least do them well!) Hopefully the sound quality will be much better than the poor job done with Sal Solo.

    Dear Cherry Red,
    If the tracks HAVE to be vinyl sourced, so be it, but PLEASE DO DECENT TRANSFERS and be open about your sources.

    • John Reed says:

      Hi Mike,
      I’m overseeing the Scared To Get Happy project and totally sympathise with what you say. No doubt with the indie nature of this project that we’ll need to dub from tracks from original singles. But I promise they will be done sympathetically!
      All the best,
      John Reed

      • Mike Fisher says:

        Thanks for your response John. I really hope you guys use a great turntable and cartridge for this one.

        All the best

        – Mike.

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