Secret Affair / Est 1979: 35th Anniversary 4CD box set


Belated nod to this four-CD set collecting the work of those Mod revivalists Secret Affair, who released three albums and enjoyed five top 75 hits between 1979 and 1981 with Time For Action peaking at number 13.

This new four-CD clamshell box from Captain Mod Records contains all three albums of that era (Glory Boys, Behind Closed Doors and Business As Usual) as well as 2012 ‘comeback’ album Soho Dreams.

The 51-track collection includes bonus tracks for the first two albums, including rare US single mixes and comes complete with a 24-page booklet with previously unpublished photos plus a brand new essay on the history of the band, all overseen by guitarist Dave Cairns.

Secret Affair Est 1979 is out now.

Track listing

Disc 1 Glory Boys
1 Glory Boys
2 Shake And Shout
3 Going To A Go-Go
4 Time For Action
5 New Dance
6 Days Of Change
7 Don’t Look Down
8 One Way Road
9 Let Your Heart Dance
10 I’m Not Free (But I’m Cheap)
Bonus Tracks
11 Soho Strut
12 Sorry, Wrong Number
13 Time For Action (USA single mix)
14 Let Your Heart Dance (USA single mix)
15 One Way Road (USA Lp mix)

Disc 2 Behind Closed Doors
1 What Did You Expect?
2 I’m A Bullet
3 Only Madman Laugh
4 When The Show’s Over
5 My World
6 Sound Of Confusion
7 Life’s A Movie Too
8 Looking Through My Eyes
9 Live For Today
10 Street Life Parade
Bonus Tracks
11 So Cool
12 Take It Or Leave It
13 My World (USA single mix)

Disc 3 Business As Usual
1 Lost In The Night (Mack The Knife)
2 Follow The Leader
3 Do You Know?
4 Hide And Seek
5 I Could Be You
6 Somewhere In The City
7 She’s On Fire
8 Three Wise Monkeys
9 One Voice In The Darkness
10 Dancemaster
11 The Big Beat
12 One Day (In Your Life)

Disc 4 Soho Dreams
1 Soho Dreams
2 Walk Away
3 Turn Me On
4 Love’s Unkind
5 I Don’t Need No Doctor
6 Lotus Dream
7 In Our Time
8 Land Of Hope
9 All The Rage
10 Soul Of The City
11 Ride

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4 responses to Secret Affair / Est 1979: 35th Anniversary 4CD box set

  1. Simon F says:

    I guess the record company have done their research and someone will buy it….?? Possibly? Maybe?

  2. Paul H says:

    I’ve been tracking it for a while on Amazon. It was presumably put together for hardcore fans who will no doubt appreciate the care and attention and find it priceless. I hope there are enough buyers to make the production worthwhile. For me, only casually interested due to only really knowing two or three singles, it’s currently about £10 overpriced.

  3. Darren says:

    Well, if there’s a 4CD Box set of Secret Affair then anything is possible. What next? A 4CD Box set of Sue Wilkinson?

  4. Jim says:

    Were Secret Affair THAT popular in the UK? Here in the US, i bought a few of the 45s at the time, and maybe the first album, but I know that Mod Revival got pretty savaged in the UK press at the time, tho there were some good bands in the midst…..tho i will say it’s neat to see this kind of deluxe-ness for a band that was decidedly not huge!!! i’d like a 4CD of The Chords better!!! :)

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