Separate vinyl R.E.M. “Unplugged” releases on the way


As if to underline the marketing opportunity of Record Store Day, Rhino will release the RSD-only R.E.M. Unplugged 4LP vinyl edition as two separate double-LP sets in September.

The Warner Music imprint has already issued these titles on CD and these vinyl releases now effectively make the RSD release redundant.

Amazon are showing a release date of 1 September for both sets.

1991 2LP Vinyl Unplugged

2001 2LP Vinyl Unplugged


2 responses to Separate vinyl R.E.M. “Unplugged” releases on the way

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  2. Richard says:

    I love it. There should never be limits on music or movies. If companies want, sell limited numbers and then re-release, ( as Rhino Handmade did for the complete Stooges box). I don’t care about a number on a piece of paper/cardboard. I want the artist creative output, whether in a movie or a music format. Maybe the people that paid ten times the $89.00 price will stop and think next time. I am so glad I waited, as did others.
    No limits!!

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