Shakespears Sister to reissue Hormonally Yours later this year

Shakespears Sister / Hormonally Yours 2CD+DVD reissueSiobhan Fahey has revealed via the band’s Facebook page that Shakespears Sister will reissue a 20th Anniversary Edition of their 1992 Hormonally Yours album this autumn.

Although no details or track listings are available at this stage, it is confirmed that the the deluxe edition will be a three-disc set, comprising two CDs and a DVD. It will feature “a cache of bonus material, both on CD and DVD; A stunning book featuring extensive liner notes and words from the band members themselves and more…”.

Shakespears Sister was intially a solo project for Fahey after leaving Bananarama, but Marcella Detroit joined in 1989 and that partnership created the most successful period for the band. Hormonally Yours was the follow up to debut Sacred Heart which contained the UK top ten hit Your History. The band bettered that single success when Stay, the second 45 from Hormonally Yours, reached number one on the UK chart and remained there for eight weeks. A further four singles were released, including the reissue of Goodbye Cruel World which had initially faltered pre-Stay.

Detroit left in 1993, and in recent years Fahey has released songs under the Shakespears Sister moniker mainly for download only via her website, although 2009’s Songs From The Red Room did get a two disc CD release in spring 2010.

A Sacred Heart deluxe edition is also tentatively scheduled for February 2013 along with what looks like a video anthology, Shakespears Sister History 1988-2010.

7 responses to Shakespears Sister to reissue Hormonally Yours later this year

  1. Dan H says:

    Seems another false promise from SF. Sacred Heart deluxe reissue never happened, even after promising fans it was happening after several delays. If Hormonally Yours and/or Sacred Heart are ever reissued, I’d rather not support SF and will keep to my original album pressings. They will probably sound better than SF’s remastering anyhow.

  2. Mike says:

    What we really need is a 3cd bananarama 12″ version comp, next after paul young please!

    • Francis says:

      September 30th ‘Edsel’ are releasing 6 Bananarama albums as Deluxe Editions consisting of 3 Discs (2 CDs/1 DVD): Bananarama, Deep Sea Skiving, True Confessions, Wow!, Pop Life and Please Yourself.

  3. Howard says:

    I wish we would get a tracklisting soon! This is one of my fave albums of all time; a true classic in my eyes. I hope the extras aren’t just old remixes of the singles. About a year ago, Siobhan posted on her site that her (then) new album (Cosmic Dancer) would have rerecorded versions of SS favourites… only one of those tracks made it; “Goodbye Cruel World” which is an acoustic version. Maybe more will see those will see the light of day? (Though I don’t consider them true SS songs.)

  4. Mark says:

    It’s the Sacred Heart reissue I am mainly wishing for-hope that happens too!I would love to see the amazing Leningrad concert footage see a release as part of the bonus video.It was from this performance that the Heroine and Dirty Mind live bsides came.(You’re History 3 track cdSingle)Dave Stewart,Marcella and the amazing percussionist ray Cooper were part of the band.I have seen video of the song Sacred Heart from this concert also.

  5. Gavin Kendall says:

    I hope the Sacred Heart reissue has all the William Orbit remixes of Run Silent, Run Deep included!

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