Sly & the Family Stone / Higher! Amazon bonus disc for the USA


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Here is a look at the bonus disc that is supplied with copies of the new Sly & the Family Stone Higher! box set, ONLY when bought from Five of the six tracks are previously unissued and these are mixed by Vic Anesini.

Tracks included are

  1. Stand! (long version)*
  2. TV Medley: Sing A Simple Song/Hot Fun In The Summertime/I Want To Take You Higher
  3. Time For Livin’ (alternate Record Plant mix)*
  4. Saint James Infirmary (instrumental) (live)*
  5. Sittin’ On My Fanny*
  6. Dust To Dust (instrumental)*

*Previously unissued

Order 5CD bonus disc version:

Order Standard 4CD version

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2 responses to Sly & the Family Stone / Higher! Amazon bonus disc for the USA

  1. Bert says:

    So want this — but I’m afraid of what customs would charge me on top of the price and the shipping costs.

  2. John M says:

    I succumbed and ordered it from, being based in the UK – choose the pre-paid customs option. It’s not much extra and it didn’t actually get checked by customs, so I should be getting a refund of that charge from Amazon.

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