Sly & The Family Stone / Higher! box set: US-only bonus disc details

Higher! Sly and the Family Stone 4-disc box set

Earlier this month, we told you about a new Sly & The Family Stone four-CD box set from Sony Legacy which is due for release at the end of August.

Exclusive to, the US version of this set comes with a fifth bonus disc containing six more rarities. They are:

  • 1. Stand! (long version)
  • 2. TV Medley: Sing A Simple Song/ Hot Fun In The Summertime / I Want To Take You Higher
  • 3. Time For Livin’ (alternate Record Plant mix)
  • 4. Saint James Infirmary (instrumental) (live)
  • 5. Sittin’ On My Fanny
  • 6. Dust To Dust (instrumental)

Curiously, the 8LP vinyl box also comes with this bonus CD. European and other non-US fans are unfortunately denied this bonus selection, and will have to resort to the cost and hassle of importing, if this CD is considered a ‘must have’.

4CD Box Set (bonus CD is an exclusive)

Japanese 4xBlu-Spec CD2 box set

8LP+CD Vinyl box set (bonus CD is an exclusive)

1CD ‘Highlights’ release

4 responses to Sly & The Family Stone / Higher! box set: US-only bonus disc details

  1. John M says:

    Great. This is not being handled well by Legacy, who would obviously have some say in which Amazon sites can sell the 5CD version. Also interesting to see the inclusion of the TV medley – you know, the one that was on the RSD 10″ which was detailed on the sleeve as NOT being on the upcoming box set.

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