SoEighties presents Alphaville


DJs Blank & Jones continue their long-running so80s (SoEighties) series this October with a new release focusing on German synthpop band Alphaville.

Best remembered for their 1984 hit singles Big In Japan and Forever Young, Alphaville released three albums on the Warner label in the 1980s but like many eighties pop bands struggled to match the success of the early records in the 1990s.

This new two-CD so80s collection celebrates 30 years of Alphaville and features all 1980’s twelve-inch versions and B-sides, all of which have remastered from the original master tapes. In addition, this comes with a 36-page booklet with rare photos and a track-by-track annotation by the group. Online retailer are offering exclusive autographed versions of this new release.

so80s presents Alphaville is released on 31 October 2014


  • 01 Big In Japan (Extended Re-Mix) 7: 26
  • 02 Sounds Like A Melody (Special Long Version) 7: 43
  • 03 Forever Young (Special Dance Version) 6: 10
  • 04 Jet Set (Jellybean Mix ) 6: 32
  • 05 Dance With Me (Empire Remix) 8: 15
  • 06 Universal Daddy (Aquarian Dance Mix) 6: 19
  • 07 Jerusalem (The Palace Version) 6: 18
  • 08 Sensations (Club Mix) 6: 07
  • 09 Red Rose (The 12 “Remix) 7: 51
  • 10 Romeos (Extended Mix) 8: 37
  • 11 Summer Rain (Extended Version) 5: 30
  • 12 Mysteries Of Love (Remix) 7: 59


  • 01 Seeds 3: 18
  • 02 The Nelson Highrise (Sector One: The Elevator) 4 12
  • 03 Welcome To The Sun 3: 10
  • 04 Golden Feeling 3: 52
  • 05 The Nelson Highrise (Sector Two: The Mirror) 3 42
  • 06 Next Generation 3: 58
  • 07 Vingt Mille leagues Sous Les Mers 5: 02
  • 08 Concrete Soundtraxx For Imaginary Films I 6 46
  • 09 Headlines 4: 12
  • 10 Sister Sun 3: 56
  • 11 Summer In Berlin (Demo Version) 5: 53
  • 12 Like Thunder 4: 47
  • 13 Big In Japan (Extended Instrumental Mix) 6: 00
  • 14 Jet Set (Dub Mix) 5: 12
  • 15 Romeos (Tribal Mix) 6: 32
  • 16 Big In Japan (Remix ’88) 6: 58


  • 17 Big In Japan (Torsten Fenslau Remix) 7: 51

29 responses to SoEighties presents Alphaville

  1. About sources used;

    The German digital version and physical double CD were properly remastered – but for some unknown reason the digital versions for “rest of the world” also contains vinyl rips! You can hear this on “Seeds” in particular. Also the intro for track 2 is truncated.

  2. Rob says:

    There seems to be two versions of Seeds floating around. One runs to 3:13 and is vinyl sourced, the other runs to 3:19 and is clean. The digital copies mostly seem to have the 3:13 version.

    I have emailed B&J to clarify.

  3. Rob says:

    Some people have been saying their legal digital download has been mastered differently to the CD. Maybe a faulty batch? Also SLAM should not be missing part of the intro.

  4. Sean P says:

    I am thrilled with this re-issue! It was long overdue that these extended versions and B-sides were finally given a compilation and a remaster. I was especially excited about ‘Seeds’ but when I listened to it, there was vinyl crackle. That is the only track I could hear it on…but I have not heard that they could not locate the master for this particular track? Curious.

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  6. Scott says:

    I got my CD today and I’m very happy to report that the sound quality is stunning. The sound has not been brickwalled at all, and all appear to be smooth and clear master tape transfers. Just an amazing and long overdue set, and I’m thrilled that it was done properly on all accounts.

  7. Marc G says:

    My signed copy already arrived today. Cannot listen to it this weekend but i’m glad it’s here.

  8. Andy says:

    I’m excited! Although the release date is still 3 weeks to go, today I received a despatch note from JPC for my autographed CD. Maybe a mistake? I will wait for the postman in the next days…

  9. Anton says:

    Forever Young does not need a remaster IMO. It’s one of the few 80s CD releases that sound full, lound enough and yet really dynamic and full of clarity.

    • Anton says:

      That said, a relrelease is another matter. Haven’t seen the album on the shelves in ages, just some compilations.

  10. Steven O'Connor says:

    Delivery to Australia from the links above turn out to be a tad too high. :(

  11. Matthias says:

    Completely agree about remastering the “Forever Young” album. It has grown into a favourite for me over the years. I’d buy a remaster in a heartbeat.

  12. Don says:

    ‘Elevator’ is the b-side I’ve searched for for many years. I’ve only found a mix of it. I really wish it was on here. I would also be elated if the entire ‘Forever Young’ LP was remastered. Definitely one of the best electronic albums ever.

  13. omar says:

    I’m in. This is the first remastered release of the band ever i think. Wondering if the first three albums will also get the remastered treatment later on?

  14. Pete SIMPSON says:

    THANKS Paul, for this info. Have always been a fan of Alphaville, and have some of their stuff, but not all has been released in Australia, so had to source else where. Big fan of 12″ and to have them all together, and especially my fav “Romeos”, will be great. Just gone and ordered a copy.

  15. Paul English says:

    CD1 is longer than 80 minutes.

    Not the first time I have seen Blank and Jones do this. How does it work? Will the discs play in all machines?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I asked Piet about this earlier. CD 1 is 85:10 and CD 2 is 85:57 which I was amazed at. Apparently you can get 89 minutes on a CD these days but big labels won’t do this because technically it doesn’t conform to ‘red book’ standards. There is a chance that very old CD players might have issues but according to Piet they’ve been doing this with their so80s comps for 7 years without a single complaint.

      • Albais says:

        Well is really not so surprising if u’re a little onto those things since from some years ago they exist the 90 min recordable CD that also means 800 MB for keep on whatever u need so obviusly can be used like they do here. Why other’s dont do it is a truly mistery…

        About the subject: Great band and great work from those 80’s lovers, so grats for the hard work in general and add myself in a demmand of extended remasterd issues of their albums.

  16. Boaz Halachmi says:

    THANK GOD! At last! Was waiting for this for years!

  17. Jason says:

    I will be getting this!

  18. Griffin says:

    Not really a big fan of Alphaville! But I do love their Forever Young & Big In Japan. I’m a fan of 80’s remixes & I know B & J are doing something good. So if the price is affordable I’ll buy this to support B&J (hoping for something I’m a big fan of in the near future)!

  19. BE.D12 says:

    Oh what exciting news!!! Only Blank & Jones could put together this incredible compilation of 12″ & B-sides of the Alphaville!
    Hope that is it true that all of the twelve-inch versions have really remastered from the original master tapes.
    I just can’t wait!

  20. Stefano says:

    Or we receive a code upon purchase of the CD with which we can download the Big In Japan Torsten Fenslau Remix in WAV quality.

    Forgive me, I’m only trying to find a solution here to obtain the much desired 7 inch remix of the Jet Set single…

  21. mr5973 says:

    nice to see that they finally make nice so80s artist series covers too (using original design concepts rather than the rather boring same dark background for all previous artists cd up until now). makes these releases look more worthy! :-)

  22. Stefano says:

    And if there’s no space left: please skip Summer In Berlin (Demo Version).

  23. Stefano says:

    FINALLY – FINALLY – FINALLY. Thanks Blank & Jones, long long overdue and very much appreciated! Hope they used all the master tapes.

    BUT we miss one very important track: the 7 inch remix of Jet Set. Please try to squeeze that one into this compilation guys. It’s nowhere to be found on CD and furthermore: it’s an excellent remix!

  24. Keith Hobba says:

    When are they going to release an Alphaville compilation that has the 7″ mix of The Jet Set on it?

  25. Francis says:

    Nice one! – I can now update the old vinyl 12inch and 7inch singles to remastered CD quality.

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