Sparks / The Island Years 5LP box


Back in June I alerted you to the fact that a Sparks vinyl box was due to be released this winter. At the time there was a question mark over the bonus LP but now everything has been confirmed.

As expected, at its core The Island Years is a collection of the band’s four Island studio albumsKimono My House (which was issued as a special 2LP set last year), PropagandaIndiscreet and Big Beat.

However the bonus LP, The Rest of Sparks, looks very interesting since it will feature b-sides and ‘other relevant audio’ from the same time period.

Sparks: The Island Years 5LP vinyl box is released on 27 November 2015.





Side 1

This Town Ain’t Big Enough For Both Of Us
Amateur Hour
Falling In Love With Myself Again
Here In Heaven
Thank God It’s Not Christmas

Side 2

Hasta Manana, Monsieur
Talent Is An Asset
In mY Family


Side 1

At Home At Work At Play
Thanks But No Thanks
Don’t Leave Me Alone With Her

Side 2

Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth
Something For The Girl With Everything
Who Don’t Like Kids
Bon Voyage


Side 1

Hospitality On Parade
Happy Hunting Ground
Without Using Hands
Get In The Swing
Under The Table With Her
How You Getting Home?

Side 2

It Ain’t 1918
The Lady Is Lingering
In The Future
Looks, Looks, Looks
Miss The Start, Miss The End


Side 1

Big Boy
I Want To Be Like Everybody Else
Nothing To Do
I Bought The Mississippi River
Everybody’s Stupid

Side 2

Throw Her Away (And Get A New One)
Screwed Up
White Women
I Like Girls


Side 1

Lost And Found
Alambamy Right
Marry Me
The Wedding of Jacqueline Kennedy to Russell Mael

Side 2

I Want To Hold You r Hand
Gone With The Wind
Looks Aren’t Everything
Tearing The Place Apart


10 responses to Sparks / The Island Years 5LP box

  1. Nass Khan says:

    The Island new remastered Sparks lps are now available individually. I took a chance & bought Kimono In My House cos I was never happy with my murky sounding original & the reissue I bought 5 years back. BIG JUMP in sound quality highly recommended!!!

  2. baward says:

    I’d rather rely on my ancient vinyl copy of Kimono and go digging in our local record emporium + charity shops etc. for the others, and save a bundle.

  3. Tom D says:

    Let me get this straight-we can’t get classic Paul Weller albums reissued on vinyl or classic soundtracks of Guy Ritchie but we can get a VERY expensive vinyl boxset of SPARKS? If this isn’t an example of a cheap*** record company that can’t license anything worth buying I don’t know what is!

  4. Charles says:

    These seem to be priced based on the number that will be produced. The US price comes out to $40 a disc, ridiculous. I appreciate the label doing this but I would prefer they just reissue the CD remasters of these that unfortunately missed out on the first time around.

  5. Craig hedges says:

    I’m hoping that as with a lot of amazons pre release prices this will come down.
    Sparks are such an underrated band, I haven’t enjoyed everything they’ve released but they pop up every few years and surprise me. Like to see some of their later stuff get some vinyl releases as well.

  6. Shawn says:

    $199.99 USD from Amazon USA, really?


  7. Peter says:


    Ordered in June @ £62, now £88 nice one


  8. Trevor says:

    Would have ordered this instantly had it not been for the ridulously high price.

  9. Straker says:

    Unrealistic price, £90. US and Canada price is just stoopid. All looks very cynical.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Back in June you could have pre-ordered for just over £60, but we didn’t have all the details at that point :)

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