Stephen Stills / “Carry On”: 4CD career-spanning box on the way

Stephen Stills / Carry On - career-spanning box set

Stephen Stills will release a four-CD career-spanning box set on 26 February 2013.

There is currently no artwork or track listing available, but Stills told MuiscRadar last year that the set, entitled Carry On, “was supposed to be three discs, but I don’t want to have to do it again, so I said just do four“. He added, “There isn’t much more left off that I care about.”

There is thought to be much unreleased material across the four discs, making this a must-buy for fans. More details on this set when we have them.

4 responses to Stephen Stills / “Carry On”: 4CD career-spanning box on the way

  1. Dajokr says:

    Here’s hoping that the packaging is consistent with the “C” and “N” box sets sitting on my shelf.

  2. wardo says:

    Looking forward to the details!

  3. James Pigg says:


    Is this set only going to be released in the States or will there be a UK release?


  4. baward says:

    Carry On Stephen Stills doesn’t have quite the same ring as Stephen Stills Carry On to me! :-)

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