Steve Winwood / Arc Of A Diver replacement booklet

Steve Winwood / Arc Of A Diver reissue booklet problem

Original booklets (right) had a printing error

Anyone who purchased Steve Winwood‘s Arc Of A Diver two-CD reissue back in October, may have noticed an error in the accompanying 12-page booklet.

Page seven was repeated on page nine, meaning that the lyrics to the end of Arc Of A Diver, all of Second Hand Woman and most of Slowdown Sundown are missing.

A sloppy error that should never have happened. Thankfully, it seems that Universal have re-printed these, and anyone looking for a replacement should email customer services at the following address, being sure to give them a mailing address for your replacement booklet.

We did this on Monday, and our new booklet arrived this morning. Thanks to SuperDeluxeEdition reader Julian Crook for giving us this information.

3 responses to Steve Winwood / Arc Of A Diver replacement booklet

  1. Todd R. says:

    Shocking, that I might purchase this as the FIRST CD copy of this album that I’ll own. I’m only excited because I was hoping this would lead to expanded editions for his entire catalog (it would be interesting to hear the remixes/b-sides of BACK IN THE HIGH LIFE on disc). However the inclusion of the BBC documentary or whatever as bonus materal here is just head-scratching…. at least we can see Mr. Winwood on tour with Rod Stewart :)

  2. Neil Hunt says:

    Universal have done the same thing for replacement Live At Wembley sleeves in the RITF25 Box Set. Just email them with your address and they’ll post a replacement sleeve (The original was misprinted Live At Wembey!).

  3. Disco says:

    There are at least a couple single remix versions of Night Train that were inexplicably left off this reissue. Not really seeing the point unless the sound quality is a big improvement.

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