Sugar / “Besides” vinyl edition


Demon Records will reissue Sugar‘s 1995 flipside compilation Besides on vinyl on 7 November 2013.

For the first time the album’s 17-tracks will be spread across two LPs, and as usual this will come with a free download card, providing access to MP3 files.

jokeWhen Besides first came out on CD, the first 25,000 copies came with a bonus disc titled The Joke Is Always on Us, Sometimes. That disc was a live Sugar concert from Minneapolis (November 2, 1994). Again, on the same date in November, Demon Music will issue this album as a 140g 2LP edition.

The American alt-rock band’s second (and final) album File Under Easy Listening, completes the vinyl reissues and will be available a little earlier from 7 October.

File Under Easy Listening


The Joke Is Always On Us, Sometimes

Besides track listing:

  • 1. Needle Hits E
  • 2. If I Can’t Change Your Mind (Solo Mix)
  • 3. Try Again
  • 4. Where Diamonds Are Halos
  • 5. Armenia City In The Sky
  • 6. Clownmaster
  • 7. Anyone
  • 8. Jc Auto
  • 9. Believe What You’re Saying (Campfire Mix)
  • 10. Mind Is An Island
  • 11. Frustration
  • 12. Going Home
  • 13. In The Eyes Of My Friends
  • 14. And You Tell Me
  • 15. After All The Roads Have Led To Nowhere
  • 16. Explode And Make Up
  • 17. The Slim

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