Suzanne Vega / Debut and Solitude Standing paper sleeve reissues


Suzanne Vega’s 1985 eponymous debut is reissued by Culture Factory (France) in June.

Before you ask, no bonus tracks, but the packaging looks good with the full mini-LP CD/vinyl replica/paper sleeve treatment along with a Japanese-style ‘OBI’ strip. These reissued are the larger-sized vinyl replicas not the smaller ones that appear regularly in ‘original album series’-type boxes.

The artwork boasts “High Definition Remastering 96kHz / 24-Bit” so presumably this is a new remastering. We will reserve judgement until we hear it, but check out this Robert Palmer feature to see expert opinion of Culture Factory’s work on Mr Palmer’s recordings.

The Suzanne Vega album features some of her best known and most loved material including singles Marlene On The Wall  and Small Blue Thing.

Her second album Solitude Standing has been given the same treatment and both reissues are out on 9 June 2014.


Suzanne Vega


Solitude Standing










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9 responses to Suzanne Vega / Debut and Solitude Standing paper sleeve reissues

  1. mshare says:

    Great albums but it’s hard to imagine any significant sonic upgrade over the A&M originals.

  2. alan hansen says:

    again… i’m such a “remaster-whore” that i’m already feeling the compulsion to purchase these. i do like the 96KHz/24-BIT bit.

  3. Paul English says:

    The original CD versions of both titles sound just fine.

  4. Dean says:

    I was *not* impressed with the remasters they gave to the Cale titles. And the sleeves, while paper, weren’t anywhere near Japanese quality either (the Cale titles had glue problems).

    Just a heads up………

  5. Neil says:

    Speaking from experience as i bought both Wang Chungs remasters on Culture Factory both were brickwalled to hell and if you look around for any other reviews of their reissues especially the Robert Palmer ones you will avoid these like the plague unless you like your music loud that is.

  6. Graham Piazza says:

    Yes, I agree with Neil – I have 2 of the Robert Palmer re-masters and they sound terrible. The original Island CDs sound better and they were produced back in the 80s. My advice to people is stay well away from anything these produce.

  7. Pat Francis says:

    I have the 3 James Taylor releases from Culture Factory and they sound absolutely amazing. The Rod Stewart titles are perfect as well.

  8. Alan says:

    Do the discs have proper inners, like jap CDs do??

    • CJ Feeney says:

      Yes to inner sleeves with tiny lyrics and no to anti-static sleeves. And these masters are LOUD. The masters may be 96kHz/24bit but the discs are the standard 44.1kHz/16bit.

      And my copy of the debut has the rear sleeve printed upside down!

      Not worth the money. I wish I had gone for the MoV vinyl of Solitude Standing for the same price.

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