Tabu box sets due later this year

Tabu boxsets explained / Alexander O'Neal / S.O.S. Band

Demon Music will release three Tabu  box sets in autumn 2013 as part of their Tabu Reborn For 2013 reissue campaign.

A multi-artist big box will be issued, which looks like being a four-CD, DVD and vinyl offering. This set will contain bonus material, deep catalogue remixes, and rare/collectable tracks, some of which will not have appeared on individual reissues.

Two further artist-specific ‘anthology’ boxes will be made available – Alexander O’Neal and The S.O.S. Band. These sets will contain all the individual releases issued during 2013 (in the same packaging) but gathered together in a box. There will be no extra audio in these boxes – the content will simply repeat the individual reissues.

The Tabu reissue campaign kicks off in April with individual releases from Cherrelle and Alexander O’Neal.

Alexander O'Neal / Tabu Anthology box set

Tabu / The S.O.S. Band anthology box set


8 responses to Tabu box sets due later this year

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  3. Roelant van Zevenbergen says:

    Looking at the pictures of the first wave of Tabu re-issues and those of the boxsets, there seems to be a difference in sleeves. Will the boxset also contain the casebound book packaging or just the plain mini-lp ones showing on the pictures?

    • Dean Harris says:

      The Tabu artist Boxsets (although reported to contain the same audio content as the individual releases) do appear to house the CDs in paper/cardboard sleeves instead of the orginal book-bound packaging. I have mixed feelings about this. I much prefer jewel boxes for their durability, disc protection, and the ability to easily replace a scratched or broken case.

      Having said that, the book-bound releases are very nice providing you can manage to secure those in good condition. Unfortunately, I’ve had to go through several sets until I found satisfactory copies of all The S.O.S. Band albums, not marred with glue, uneven binding, dog-eared corners, scratched CDs, etc.

  4. Eric says:

    Having seen the individual releases, I think I might try and wait for these artist boxsets. They look less likely to be an issue with damaged discs and packaging. But…can I wait that long for the SOS material???Argh!

  5. Eric says:

    I can barely wait for these! The pictures look sumptuous.

  6. Simon says:

    Demon are being very very confident about the success and appeal of the whole Tabu re-born brand. I hope they don’t get their fingers burned and end up shelving some of the releases scheduled further down the line.

  7. What OnEarth says:

    Seriously, this site seems to be propagating more sensationalist news stories than The Sun was pre-Leveson. This whole thing started with bonus track CHAOS! Yes, Chaos. Then we’re down to a label denying a version of an album exists. What decade is this?

    Can we go back to photo reports only please? Bored of reading gossip, been getting worse every bloody month.

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