The Art of Noise / Into Battle / CD

ZTT and Salvo continue with their impressive run of re-issues (the elemental series) with another Art of Noise release. ‘Into Battle with the Art of Noise. Following the broader appeal of Influence (which collected hits and rarities) this release seems to be one for the connoiseur, featuring the original Into Battle EP (which originally run for only 25 minutes) and a whole lot more.

Before the debut album (Who’s Afraid of?) The Art of Noise, they had actually created a whole other unreleased album entitled Worship. This album was more experimental in sound that Who’s Afraid and the master tapes have been left gathering dust.

Worship is included here in it’s entirety along with some other unreleased oddities.

The album is released on 4th April in the UK.

  • Tracklisting (18 are previously unreleased)
  • 1. Battle
  • 2. Beat Box
  • 3. Army Now, The
  • 4. Donna
  • 5. Moments In Love
  • 6. Bright Noise
  • 7. Flesh In Armour
  • 8. Comes And Goes
  • 9. Moment In Love
  • 10. Who’s Afraid Of The Art Of Noise
  • 11. One Finger Of Love
  • 12. Diversions
  • 13. Two Fingers Of Love
  • 14. Uncertainty Of Syrup, The
  • 15. Damn It All
  • 16. Three Fingers Of Love
  • 17. Sing Of Relief
  • 18. Hands Off Love
  • 19. Diversions
  • 20. Goodbye Art Of Noise
  • 21. Confession
  • 22. Close (To The Edit)
  • 23. Diversion
  • 24. Movement Of Desire, The
  • 25. And What Have You Done With My Body God
  • 26. Wounds Of Wonder, The
  • 27. Time For Fear (Who’s Afraid)

3 responses to The Art of Noise / Into Battle / CD

  1. anon says:

    On the forums they have said that there is a “typo” on the sleeve. Flesh in ArmouS instead of Flesh in Armour. Can you confirm this is true on your copy? And maybe you can tell the world that this is not a typo! A friend of mine knows two of AoN and they both mentioned the track Liquid Sky last year (when promoting Influence) and told him how Flesh in Armour briefly became Flesh in ArmouS before becoming became Liquid Sky. So my guess is the wrong track list was used for the front of the sleeve (if the actual copies are like that and not just JPGs on Amazon) and that Liquid Sky is a track on Worship :)

    Great blog by the way. Please keep it up!!

    • superdeluxeedition says:

      Hi there! Yes indeed ‘Flesh in Armous’ on the cover! Full review in the next few days. Thanks for popping by.

      • Kevin says:

        Based on subsequent copies I’ve seen in the racks at my favorite local record stores, that “Flesh in Armous” typo on the front cover has been corrected—it now reads “Flesh in Armour”.

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