The Beatles / Love Me Do heart-shaped red vinyl


With The Beatles‘ debut single Love Me Do over 50 years old and now out of copyright in the UK, a label called Mischief Music have taken full advantage by issuing this red heart-shaped twelve-inch vinyl.

The record is due for release on 26 July 2013 and has Love Me Do on the A-side, with original B-side P.S. I Love You present and correct. This is said to be limited to 500 copies worldwide.

In 2011 UK musician Cliff Richard successfully campaigned for this copyright period to be extended from 50 to 70 years. The so-called ‘Cliff’s Law’ applies to performers of the music (rather than composers) and is expected to be implemented by EU member states by 2014, thereby protecting music released from 1964 onwards for a further two decades.

13 responses to The Beatles / Love Me Do heart-shaped red vinyl

  1. nick says:

    looks like there is another edition that is apple-shaped which is even more expensive on Amazon

  2. abitoftap says:

    Whether Apple, Paul or EMI are happy with this is neither here nor long as the audio is sourced from a 1962 vinyl issue of Love me d0/P S I love you it’s absolutely legal (in the UK at least).
    I’ve not heard anything recently about the implementation of the new 70 year rule…unless it’s done by the end of this year, 1963 releases (including eg the first two Beatles lps) will be in the public domain from Jan 1st 2014.

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  6. Dan says:

    Very classy! Looks like a cheap Poundland knock-off.

  7. mike says:

    best it will be is from a cd, amazed this has come out as i though Cliff had shut down that loophole.

  8. Si says:

    I have heard from other sources of this company releasing Elvis related vinyl & the quality has been reported as ‘shockingly poor’ (basically bootleg/copy). Not my words but their’s! So please tread with caution, they say limited, but they probably wont be numbered, so questionable over 500? As not official i’m not sure many will take this up … I can see a change in the law again soon. Can’t see Apple/EMI being happy with this either. So might be a curiosity rarity for the future, but questionable!? Good luck out there! :-)

  9. Ian says:

    I’ve grabbed one, just in case it turns out to be worth it!

  10. Michel says:

    The link you provide from Amazon UK says it’s a 12″, not a 7″!

  11. The Mystery Parade says:

    Sorry, but this isn’t a picture disc. It’s just custom-shaped vinyl.

  12. Gary says:

    Good luck to them. Looks tacky as fuck and I wouldn’t buy it.

  13. lee says:

    wasn’t there a huge fiasco about the official attempt to reissue this single last year?

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