The Blow Monkeys / First two albums being expanded

The Blow Monkeys / Limping For A Generation Expanded Edition

Debut album 'Limping For A Generation'

Dr Robert of  ’80s pop favourites The Blow Monkeys, has revealed via twitter that the band’s first two albums – 1984’s Limping For A Generation and Animal Magic from 1986 – will be reissued by Cherry Red Records in November this year.

Both deluxe editions will include demos and unreleased tracks, and ‘the doctor’ himself revealed some titles of the unheard material, such as Soulboy in Slumber from the Limping For A Generation period, and Guess I Love Her Now from Animal Magic. Remixes and B-sides should help fill up what will almost certainly be 2CD releases.

Hopefully Cherry Red will restore the original front cover to Limping.. (see above) which wasn’t used on the CD issue back in the eighties. A rare Japanese mini-LP CD reissue from 2008 was the first time the correct cover was used for a CD release.

Below: Digging You Scene from Animal Magic, on Top Of The Pops

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  2. John Reed says:

    Hi Omar,
    Yes, Robert’s actively involved. In fact, the band have supplied all the demos and Robert’s contributed to the sleeve-notes, too, as well as visual material. Although the demos have mostly come from cassette, they sound amazingly good. All released tracks are being remastered from the original tapes.
    All the best,
    John Reed (Cherry Red Records)

  3. omar says:

    I hope that Dr. Robert oversees this project and that it’s done properly. I’m guessing that only vinyl rips exist to some of the earliest mixes. if they’re digital I’ll be surprised .

  4. Thomas says:


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