The Blow Monkeys / New album offers acoustic hits bonus disc

The Blow Monkeys / Feels Like A New Morning 2CD

The Blow Monkeys‘ forthcoming album Feels Like A New Morning is due for release on 8 April, and as well as ten new tracks from the pop band formed in way back in the early 1980s, the CD will come complete with a bonus disc of acoustic hits as performed solo by frontman and songwriter Dr. Robert.

These bonus tracks were originally made available on Dr. Robert’s website in April 2012 and the selection includes classics such as Digging Your Scene and It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way. The songs can still be previewed (in full) and are available for purchase separately in various download formats. Click here to hear the songs.

If you’d rather wait for the physical release, and of course the bonus of having a new album to enjoy, then pre-order links are below.


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