The Isley Brothers / The RCA Victor and T-Neck Album Masters 1959-83


In August this year, Sony’s Legacy Recordings will release a massive 23-disc box set: The Isley Brothers: The RCA Victor and T-Neck Album Masters (1959-1983).

This will feature newly remastered versions of The Isley Brothers’ 21 albums released for both labels, nearly all of which are expanded with rare mixes and tracks making their CD and digital debuts. In total this new collection includes 84 rare and previously unreleased bonus tracks.

One of the most significant inclusions is the ‘lost’ live-in-the-studio album Wild In Woodstock: The Isley Brothers Live At Bearsville Sound Studio 1980. This is newly restored and for the first time it is being released in its entirety.

As can be seen from the image above, the CDs come in card sleeves accompanied by a booklet with everything residing in what looks like a clamshell box. This Isley Brothers anthology was compiled and produced by Leo Sacks, with the help of Jeffrey James and Jeremy Holiday. The music has been newly remastered from the original analog tapes by Mark Wilder at Battery Studios.

The Isley Brothers: The RCA Victor and T-Neck Album Masters (1959-83) will be released on 24 August 2015.


In the box…

The Isley Brothers: The RCA Victor and T-Neck Album Masters (1959-1983)

* denotes the inclusion of bonus tracks)

  • • Shout! (RCA Victor, 1959)*
  • • It’s Our Thing (T-Neck, 1969)*
  • • The Brothers: Isley (T-Neck, 1969)*
  • • The Isley Brothers Live At Yankee Stadium (T-Neck, 1969)
  • • Get Into Something (T-Neck, 1970)*
  • • In The Beginning…The Isley Brothers & Jimi Hendrix (T-Neck, recorded 1964-1965; remixed/released 1971)*
  • • Givin’ It Back (T-Neck, 1971)*
  • • Brother, Brother, Brother (T-Neck, 1972)*
  • • The Isleys Live (T-Neck, 1973)
  • • 3+3 (T-Neck, 1973)*
  • • Live It Up (T-Neck, 1974)*
  • • The Heat Is On (T-Neck, 1975)*
  • • Harvest For The World (T-Neck, 1976)*
  • • Go For Your Guns (T-Neck, 1977)*
  • • Showdown (T-Neck, 1978)*
  • • Winner Takes All (T-Neck, 1979—2 CDs)*
  • • Go All The Way (T-Neck, 1980)*
  • • Wild In Woodstock: The Isley Brothers Live At Bearsville Studios 1980 (previously unreleased)*
  • • Grand Slam (T-Neck, 1981)*
  • • Inside You (T-Neck, 1981)*
  • • The Real Deal (T-Neck, 1982)*
  • • Between The Sheets (T-Neck, 1983)*

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16 responses to The Isley Brothers / The RCA Victor and T-Neck Album Masters 1959-83

  1. richie says:

    Thanks Paul, I love the Isleys and this is a bargain at Amazon UK even if the price dosen`t go down.

  2. eric slangen says:

    yes also ordered in the UK

  3. Matthias says:

    Hello Paul, Global Release day is from the 10th july fridays in germany, usa, australia and uk, why 24th august (monday)?

  4. KevinK says:

    Amazon USA & Canada are showing the release date as Friday 21st.

  5. Paul H says:

    Fabulously consistent set of work. best news I’ve had for ages.

  6. Mark S says:

    Ordered, really no one can have any arguments at the UK price. A lifetime’s work for £40.

  7. Mike the Fish says:

    I’d love to see a track listing, particularly of the first two or three albums.

  8. Jon says:

    Price is now £79.99 on amazon uk

  9. David says:

    Was a bargain, but what would I do with 21 Isley albums? Certainly not play them. I think a greatest hits would suit me.

    • DogfacedBoy says:

      “What would I do with 21 Isley albums?” = 1st world problem.

      I only have a greatest hits CD and a few on vinyl. This is an absolute steal at £40

  10. Tim says:

    Thanks so much!

    I couldn’t believe what the U.S. site wanted, but was thrilled with the U.K. price. Pre-ordered! Keep up the great work.

  11. Kai Karkkainen says:

    Many thanks Paul! Ordered this yesterday for £39.99 having read your post, now it’s £79.99 on Amazon UK. That’s a hefty saving!

  12. John says:

    Anazon Canada is $102.59 CAD. Release date given as Aug 21 Friday.
    Wow for 23 CDs!

  13. Michael Leek says:

    Love the IB’s.
    Grabbed the Amazon £39 deal many thanks.
    Great website…

  14. CLAY J. says:


  15. Daltronica says:

    This is what you call deluxe. I was just starting to dig into their output and then this came along. Preordered ages ago. More like this please Sony.

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