The Kinks / Anthology UK Pre-order


The Kinks Anthology 1964-1971 is finally available for pre-order on Amazon UK having been available in the US and Germany for over a week.

The 5CD+7″ single set is available for £49 which doesn’t compare well with the German price of around £35 (€44), although the SDE crystal ball predicts the UK price will drop.

The Anthology – issued on 18 November – features 139 tracks, 25 of which are previously unreleased. Full track listings and further details can be found here

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  1. Rareglam says:

    I pre-ordered it for £40.94 on Amazon UK last night (21st September). Lucky I looked as Amazon failed to inform me it was now available to pre-order despite having signed up for an email notification when it would be. They still haven’t! The price will no doubt drop nearer the release date anyway.

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