The Monkees / Music Box reissused

The Monkees / Music Box reissue

Outer slipcase to the left of new ‘fat box’ packaging

Rhino recently reissued The Monkees’ Music Box compilation which was first compiled and released back in 2001.

Like Fleetwood Mac‘s 25 Years: The Chain and Rod Stewart‘s Storyteller collection, which underwent similar repurposing, Music Box remains a four-CD set, with the same track listing, but is repackaged in new double CD ‘fat box’ with outer slip case, and comes with a new low price.

Crucially, we still get a decent booklet with Andrew Sandoval’s fine ‘The True Story Of The Monkees’ essay (Sandoval was co-producer of the original set), although one feels as if an update at the end of this story might have been appropriate, given the sad death of Davy Jones earlier this year.

There are plenty of excellent photos too, although inevitably their impact is reduced when shrunk down to fit within the five inch CD booklet size.

The Monkees / Music Box reissue

Music box still comes with a comprehensive booklet

This box set remains a great compilation full of hits, rarities and what have come to be known as ‘deep’ album tracks, and if you don’t own any Monkees CDs or have just dipped your toes in with a greatest hits selection, then this is undoubtedly an excellent option, being both comprehensive and cheap.

Music box is out now in the UK and the US and coming soon in other territories.

The Monkees / Music Box reissue

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3 responses to The Monkees / Music Box reissused

  1. PvK says:

    excellent !!!! that is all I can say….for Pete’s sake !!!

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  3. Stevie Dal says:

    Some great music on here, but what horrible cover art !

    I tell you what’s needed in this world , a career spanning Van Morisson box set , thats what !

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