The Pretty Things / Bouquets from a Cloudy Sky anniversary box

Madfish Recordings are producing a limited edition deluxe box set to celebrate the 51st anniversary of English rock band The Pretty Things

Bouquets From A Cloudy Sky: The Complete Pretty Things is a limited edition box (2000 copies only) that will contain all eleven studio albums on CD (with bonus tracks) along with two additional CDs of previously unreleased demos, alternate versions and outtakes.

In addition it will feature two DVDs full of documentaries, live footage, interviews and promos and a 10-inch vinyl replica acetate with four rare tracks.

A 100-page hardcover book, art prints, posters and family tree complete this package which has been produced with the full co-operation of The Pretty Things.

Bouquets From A Cloudy Sky is released on 23rd February 2014 and this set can be ordered from the Burning Shed which is the official retailer for this product (in the UK at least).


15-track promo sampler

Track listing

Rarities CD 1:

1 Don’t Bring Me Down (Live On The Beat Room 1964) [2:16]
2 Mama Keep Your Big Mouth Shut (Live On The Beat Room 1964) [3:26]
3 Johnny B. Goode (Live On The Beat Room 1964) [1:42]
4 Cry To Me (Alternate Version) [2:44]
5 Photographer (Rough Mix From Acetate) [2:12]
6 Bright Lights Of The City (Demo) [3:00]
7 Out In The Night (Demo) [2:39]
8 One Long Glance (Demo) [2:55]
9 Children (Alternate Version) [3:02]
10 Defecting Grey (Alternate Mix) [3:12]
11 Why (Live In Hyde Park) [6:16]
12 She Says Good Morning (Live At The Paradiso, Amsterdam) [3:41]
13 Alexander (Live At The Paradiso, Amsterdam) [3:29]
14 Renaissance Fair (Live At The Paradiso, Amsterdam) [2:13]
15 S.F. Sorrow Is Born (Live At The Paradiso, Amsterdam) [3:34]
16 You Might Even Say (Philippe Debarge Sessions) [4:01]
17 Eagle’s Son (Philippe Debarge Sessions) [3:00]
18 Graves Of Grey (Philippe Debarge Sessions) [0:50]
19 It`ll Never Be (Philippe Debarge Sessions) [04:33]
20 Scene One (Westbourne Terrace Demo) [01:15]
21 The Good Mr. Square (Westbourne Terrace Demo) [04:33]
22 She Was Tall, She Was High (Westbourne Terrace Demo) [00:56]
23 In The Square/The Letter (Westbourne Terrace Demo) [03:41]
24 Rain (Westbourbe Terrace Demo) [03:20]
25 Cries From The Midnight Circus (Westbourne Terrace Demo) [03:53]

Rarities CD 2:

1 I’d Love Her If I Knew What To Do (Version 1 – Westbourne Terrace Demo) [2:16]
2 Seen Her Face Before (Westbourne Terrace Demo) [1:24]
3 Everything You Do Is Fine (Westbourne Terrace Demo) [4:07]
4 Cold Stone (Westbourne Terrace Demo) [3:28]
5 You Never Told Me Lies (Westbourne Terrace Demo) [2:04]
6 Take A Look At Me (Westbourne Terrace Demo) [4:12]
7 Wild And Free (Demo) [3:42]
8 I’d Love Her If I Knew What To Do (Version 2 – Demo) [1:39]
9 Spider Woman (BBC Radio Session) [4:32]
10 Route 66 (Live At The Hippodrome) [2:52]
11 Joey (Mono US Single Mix) [3:02]
12 Monster Club [3:51]
13 Cause And Effect [3:09]
14 Holding Onto Love (Outtake) [6:07]
15 You Can`t Judge A Book [3:01]
16 Chain Of Fools [4:53]
17 No Questions [4:20]
18 It’s All Over Now Baby Blue (Outtake) [4:04]
19 Hoochie Coochie Man (Outtake) [5:44]
20 Look Away Now (Outtake) [5:15]
21 Helter Skelter [4:54]

DVD 1:

Midnight To Six, The Pretty Things 1965-70, produced by Reelin’ in the Years [2 hours duration]

Bonus Material:

The Pretty Things. On Film [13:00]
Rosalyn (Promo Video) [2:20]
Eve Of Destruction (Promo Video) [3:03]

DVD 2:

S.F. Sorrow – Live At Abbey Road [1 hour]

10″ ‘Replica Acetate':

Side 1:

1 Defecting Grey (Full Length Demo from acetate) (5:10)
2 Turn My Head (Demo) (2:34)

Side 2:

1 Don’t Bring Me Down (Previously Unreleased Version) (1:40)
2 I Can Never Say (1:58)

Studio albums on CD:

The Pretty Things (1965):

1 Roadrunner [3:12]
2 Judgement Day [2:46]
3 13 Chester Street [2:22]
4 Big City [2:01]
5 Unknown Blues [3:48]
6 Mama, Keep Your Big Mouth Shut [3:23]
7 Honey, I Need [1:59]
8 Oh Baby Doll [3:01]
9 She`s Fine She’s Mine [4:24]
10 Don’t Lie To Me [3:53]
11 The Moon Is Rising [2:33]
12 Pretty Thing [1:38]

Bonus Tracks:

13 Rosalyn [2:18]
14 Big Boss Man [2:36 ]
15 Don’t Bring Me Down [02:08 ]
16 We’ll Be Together [2:08 ]
17 I Can Never Say [3:36 ]
18 Get Yourself Home [2:18 ]

Get The Picture? (1965):

1 You Don’t Believe Me [2:22]
2 Buzz The Jerk [1:54]
3 Get The Picture? [1:55]
4 Can’t Stand The Pain [2:41]
5 Rainin’ In My Heart [2:30]
6 We’ll Play House [2:33]
7 You`ll Never Do It Baby [2:26]
8 I Had A Dream [2:58]
9 I Want Your Love [2:16]
10 London Town [2:26]
11 Cry To Me [2:51]
12 Gonna Find Me A Substitute [2:57]

Bonus Tracks:

13 Get A Buzz [4:01]
14 Sittin’ All Alone [2:47]
15 Midnight To Six Man [2:19]
16 Me Needing You [1:58]
17 Come See Me [2:39]
18 L. S. D. [02:24]

Emotions (1967):

1 Death Of A Socialite [2:41]
2 Children [3:01]
3 The Sun [3:04]
4 There Will Never Be Another Day [2:19]
5 House Of Ten [2:49]
6 Out In The Night [2:40]
7 One Long Glance [2:52]
8 Growing In My Mind [2:19]
9 Photographer [02:07]
10 Bright Lights Of The City [3:02]
11 Tripping [3:22]
12 My Time [3:05]

Bonus Tracks:

13 A House In The Country [3:01]
14 Progress [2:58]
15 Photographer [2:15]
16 There Will Never Be Another Day [2:26]
17 My Time [3:11]
18 The Sun [3:04]
19 Progress [2:42]

S.F.Sorrow (1968):

1 S.F. Sorrow Is Born [3:15]
2 Bracelets Of Fingers [3:38]
3 She Says Good Morning [3:30]
4 Private Sorrow [3:50]
5 Balloon Burning [3:49]
6 Death [3:11]
7 Baron Saturday [4:02]
8 The Journey [2:42]
9 I See You [3:53]
10 Well Of Destiny [1:46]
11 Trust [2:47]
12 Old Man Going [3:07]
13 Loneliest Person [1:27]

Bonus Tracks:

14 Defecting Grey [4:33]
15 Mr. Evasion [3:30]
16 Talkin’ About The Good Times [3:46]
17 Walking Through My Dreams [3:37]

Parachute (1970):

1 Scene One [1:51]
2 The Good Mr. Square [1:27]
3 She Was Tall, She Was High [1:36]
4 In The Square [1:55]
5 The Letter [1:39]
6 Rain [2:29]
7 Miss Fay Regrets [3:28]
8 Cries From The Midnight Circus [6:28]
9 Grass [4:20]
10 Sickle Clowns [6:36]
11 She`s A Lover [3:32]
12 What`s The Use [1:45]
13 Parachute [3:52]

Bonus Tracks:

14 Blue Serge Blues [3:58]
15 October 26 [5:00]
16 Cold Stone [3:15]
17 Stone-Hearted Mama [3:52]
18 Summer Time [4:32]
19 Circus Mind [2:03]

Freeway Madness (1970):

1 Love Is Good [6:53]
2 Havana Bound [3:57]
3 Peter [1:27]
4 Rip Off Train [3:18]
5 Over The Moon [4:31]
6 Religion’s Dead [4:14]
7 Country Road [4:48]
8 Allnight Sailor [1:57]
9 Onion Soup [3:49]
10 Another Bowl? [2:54]

Bonus Tracks:

11 Religion’s Dead (Live Lyceum 1973) [4:48]
12 Havana Bound (Live Lyceum 1973) [4:20]
13 Love Is Good (Live Lyceum 1973) [6:43]
14 Onion Soup (Live Lyceum 1973) [8:28]

Silk Torpedo (1974):

1 Dream / Joey [6:46]
2 Maybe You Tried [4:20]
3 Atlanta [2:41]
4 L. A. N. T. A. [2:24]
5 Is It Only Love [5:05]
6 Come Home Momma [3:41]
7 Bridge Of God [4:57]
8 Singapore Silk Torpedo [5:12]
9 Belfast Cowboys [6:55]

Bonus Tracks:

10 Singapore Silk Torpedo (Live Santa Monica 1974) [7:06]
11 Dream / Joey (Live Santa Monica 1974) [7:21]

Savage Eye (1976):

1 Under The Volcano [6:02]
2 My Song [5:09]
3 Sad Eye [4:29]
4 Remember That Boy [5:02]
5 It Isn’t Rock ‘n’ Roll [3:58]
6 I’m Keeping [3:58]
7 It’s Been So Long [5:04]
8 Drowned Man [4:23]
9 Theme For Michelle [1:46]

Bonus Tracks:

10 Tonight [3:06]
11 Love Me A Little [3:11]
12 Dance All Night [2:54]

Cross Talk (1980):

1 I’m Calling [4:07]
2 Edge Of The Night [3:20]
3 Sea Of Blue [3:14]
4 Lost That Girl [2:50]
5 Bitter End [3:17]
6 Office Love [4:12]
7 Falling Again [0:20]
8 It’s So Hard [3:15]
9 She Don’t [4:08]
10 No Future [4:29]
11 Wish Fulfillment [3:06]
12 Sea About Me [3:23]
13 The Young Pretenders [4:06]

Rage Before Beauty (1999):

1 Passion Of Love [3:22]
2 Vivian Prince [5:15]
3 Everlasting Flame [3:46]
4 Love Keeps Hanging On [8:55]
5 Eve Of Destruction [3:03]
6 Not Givin’ In [4:02]
7 Pure Cold Stone [5:47]
8 Blue Turns To Red [4:01]
9 Goodbye, Goodbye [2:45]
10 Goin’ Downhill [4:12]
11 Play With Fire [4:07]
12 Fly Away [4:31]
13 Mony Mony [4:45]
14 God Give Me The Strength (To Carry On) [6:03]

Balboa Island (2007):

1 The Beat Goes On [4:10]
2 Buried Alive [3:35]
3 Livin’ In My Skin [3:59]
4 (Blues For) Robert Johnson [8:01]
5 Pretty Beat [2:52]
6 In The Beginning [4:42]
7 Mimi [2:34]
8 Feel Like Goin’ Home [2:43]
9 The Ballad Of Hollis Brown [6:28]
10 Freedom Song [4:46]
11 Dearly Beloved [4:59]
12 All Light Up [4:30]
13 Balboa Island [4:42]

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19 responses to The Pretty Things / Bouquets from a Cloudy Sky anniversary box

  1. richie says:

    Thanks for this Paul, The Pretty Things are a greatly underrated band and often ignored when it comes to overviews of the `60`s/`70`s rock scene.
    They played raw blues, rock, psychedelia, concept albums and played all very well.
    I`ve ordered this magnificent looking set, because my P.T. collection is far from complete and for what is present in the box it`s good value compared to a lot of high profile box set release`s.

  2. Michel says:

    order it some time ago….only 2000 Still a lot but just want to be sure to get this one… like Richier saud… “a greatly underrated band and often ignored when it comes to overviews of the `60`s/`70`s rock scene”

  3. David says:

    At last the Reeling In The Years documentary gets a release. A pity it’s going to cost £125 to see it.

  4. Rareglam says:

    I ordred this the day Burningshed listed it on 20th November, can wait to get it. Like other people, my PT material is far from complete and much of it dissapted across anthologies such as ‘The Psychedleic Years’ etc and this looks like a logical and attractive way to get it all in one place. Plus the Reeling In The Years DVD is a real draw. I imagine this will get a stand alone release after the box set has had its run anyway. Just a pity the Electric Banana material wasn’t licensed in to make this complete. Nonethless, a good looking box.

  5. Mig says:

    Yes, shame about the Electric Banana tracks — they’re essential. Also, I think this must be the stereo SF Sorrow, so you’ll still need your Snapper mono CD.

    • Rareglam says:

      I have a Snapper SF Sorrow CD paired with the live perfomance of SF Sorrow at Abbey Road DVD that also comes in this box. The CD seems to be an ancient digital reissue as it it still has those annoying sound holes in between tracks (i.e. a second’s pause or drop out that interupts the flow of one track going into another). I hope they haven’t used this same version for the box.

  6. Brice says:

    The Westbourne Terrace demos of Parachute and the restored version of my acetate “Turn My Head (Studio version) !!! and the Reelin’in the years documentary !!!! and the fantastic 1972 BBC version of “Spider Woman” (outtake of Freeway Madness) A MUST !!!!

  7. Fletch says:

    Not all the studio albums with the Pretty Things name on ‘Out of the Island’ for instance is missing, alos my Philippe Debarge CD officailly released a few years back has 12 tracks on it so some of them are missing, would have been nice to include teh Electric Banana sessions as well.

    on the plus side The Westbourne Terrace demos, the Reelin’in the years documentary in the can for years finally gets a release

    • Brice says:

      “Out of the Island” is not a “real” studio album with new songs. For Philippe Debarge, a couple of songs only but very “Pretty Things”….And for the Electric Banana sessions, no copyrights from DeWolfe. But like you said, the 1969 Westbourne Terrace demos and the Reelin’in the Years documentary are the treasure !!!! 1972 BBC version of Spider Woman and the acetate of “Turn my Head”(studio version) too. The Beat Room version of “Johnny B.Goode” is also great !!!! And more !!!!!! (outtakes, beautiful Book, all the albums with bonus tracks, DVD of SF Sorrow live, vinyl acetate,….) A FANTASTIC BOX SET !!!!

  8. Pingback:SDE Reissue Preview for 2015 | superdeluxeedition

  9. steve gilmour says:

    Paul S – can you let me know if this will be on pre-order from – the shipping cost from Burning Shed to Oz is stupidly high and from experience (Family box set) they never reduce the cost of the goods by VAT like Amazon does (again dont know why). Can anybody help – thanks!! Great looking set….any news on the big FREE box set from Universal Paul

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      The answer to the first question is I don’t know. It’s probably reasonably likely, although obviously a risk waiting and hoping that this will happen. In terms of FREE my understanding is the big box isn’t happening now.

  10. Annette May says:

    I just pre-ordered my copy and I’m just so impressed how well put together this box set is. I almost didn’t order it because I thought I could only order it from the UK which charges $67.50 for S&H. For U. S. fans, go to to order it. Standard shipping is just under $10. The price of the box set may be steep, but if you’re a fan of The Pretty Things like I am, it’s worth it.

  11. Nick Love says:

    I already own almost all of this content, plus Out of the Island, the Pretty Things/Yardbirds collabs, and the stereo and mono versions of SF Sorrow. It’s also missing the Parachute re-recordings from the 2010 editions, albeit those are disappointing especially compared to the fantastic Parachute re-recordings by the xPT’s. Not really interested in demos, live tracks, on DVD’s, but tracks 12 -21 on disc 2 I have never seen before. Does anyone know the source of these? I’m a giant PT fan, but even I don’t think I could justify the cost of this if those tracks are just outtakes from “Rage…Before Beauty” or “Balboa Island.

    • Nick Love says:

      Also, if anyone knows if tracks 13, 15, 16 on disc 2 are the versions from “Out of the Island” and the Pretty Things/Yardbirds albums? If they are, they’re inclusion as ‘rarities’ is rather suspect as both of those albums are in print and readily available to anyone with access to online retailers.

  12. John M says:

    I received my copy of this set about 10 days ago. A real thing of beauty – I’m still wading through the content – it’s about time this fine band got the recognition they have long deserved…..

  13. foe says:

    @John M
    any comments on the sound quality please?

  14. Steve says:

    As a collector of quality box sets by various artists this one ranks very highly in my estimation. Lots of content thoughtfully put together in the form of a well researched book beautifully illustrated along with posters, legal papers and even a vinyl disc to accompany the 13 CD’s and 2 x DVD’s. This box set has to be up there in terms of desireability alongside the excellent Clash “Sound System” box released in 2013

  15. Avitom says:

    The best box set in ages. The best 50 years and still going band. The best R & B title ever (you don’t believe me). The best psych song ever (defecting gray). The best love song ever (Is it only love) the best song ever (god give me the strength to carry on) . I could go on forever but you’ve guest, I like them.

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