The Rolling Stones / Brussels Affair Limited Edition Numbered Box Sets

The Rolling Stones / Brussels Affair Box Sets

Last November The Rolling Stones made their much bootlegged 1973 gig recorded at the Forest National in Belgium available for download, via their new website. The Brussels Affair was available in MP3 or FLAC format, for under $10 but was not given a physical release.

On 17 November, almost exactly one year on, the band will be making available three limited edition box sets of The Brussels Affair which start at an eye-watering $750 rising to a dizzy $1500 for the most expensive variant.

All three sets feature a 180-gram triple-vinyl set of the complete Brussels concert, a ’70s-era “Tongue & Lips” Watch with Japan Seiko movement and stainless steel face with brass dial and a 200 page Limited-Edition Book, numbered and hand-signed by Mick Jagger, Michael Putland and Nick Kent.

The “Art Edition” is the most expensive box ($1500) and also features a Limited-Edition Silver Gelatin Print, hand-signed by the photographer, Michael Putland. Only 73 of these sets are being made available.

The cheapest “Collector’s Edition” still has a production run of only 1,727 and comes with a 1973 Tour Lithograph, while the mid-range “Platinum Edition” replaces this standard litho with a Limited-Edition Tour Litho of 173 pieces, hand-signed by Mick Jagger, with only 173 units available.

Despite the high costs, it is interesting to note that none of The Brussels Affair Box Sets include the concert on CD or in a hi-res format.

All the sets can be ordered direct from the Brussels Affair Box Set Shop.

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9 responses to The Rolling Stones / Brussels Affair Limited Edition Numbered Box Sets

  1. Jon Shaw says:

    I hope Eagle issue this set soon….

  2. Ron Hatchell says:

    I WISH I could buy the flacs OR mp3s, as they quit selling them in many of the larger countries. I guess that is their loss, also (less sales).

  3. Luc D. says:

    Hmmm…. too bad; I was in until I saw the price… One has to draw the line somewhere; I love the show, but will stick with the FLACs, I guess.

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  5. Hedley says:

    And this folks is why there are bootlegs

  6. spacefreak says:

    The added value for me:

    0 $, ₤, €

  7. Matthew James says:

    Someone needs to analyze these promo images, which are no doubt generated before the actual sets are produced. How many of these SDEs are Photoshop fictions until enough preorders are received?

    So the Brussel Affair set has three 7″ records or else the record sleeve is 18″+ square? “Here’s all this other crap, and let’s scatter a few discs here and there, or have a couple poking out, to remind people this set comes with is listenable music, too.”

  8. Olivier says:

    Are the Rolling Stones not rich enough?

  9. Ron says:

    Can someone tell me what the added value of this is?

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