US price-drop for Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers super deluxe edition


The price of the forthcoming Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers box set (now delayed until to June 8/9th) has dropped by a not inconsiderable $110 in the USA.

Originally, the box set was an eyebrow raising $300, but is now ‘just’ $190. Sounds positive, but the UK price is £73. US buyers will get a 20% deduction off of that price (no VAT) which means those living Stateside can buy this from Amazon UK for just $91 plus shipping. Nearly $100 cheaper than Amazon US!

Super Deluxe Edition box (3CD+DVD+7″+large book etc.)

11 responses to US price-drop for Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers super deluxe edition

  1. Mr. Ska '57 says:

    I picked up the super-deluxe Grrr! box for $30 US last winter so for $200 they can keep SF on the shelf.

  2. Fat Old Bloke says:

    I’ll just get the CD edition & the BluRay of the Marque show
    Box set is a joke

  3. Leemer says:

    Thanks for keeping an eye open for Micky and the S-Tones most excellent album Sticky Fingers!

  4. Rich says:

    When it drops to under £50, I’ll think about it.

  5. JP Detroit says:

    Might be interested in picking it up from Amazon UK. What’s the DVD format though? All NTSC?
    Though I cringe at EU packaging standards with Amazon. Just got the Dylan complete box from and it arrived in shambles. If I order from Germany I’d go with Everything I’ve ordered from there has arrived pristine and intact.

  6. Robert says:

    Its still too high for what they are offering.
    CDs have dropped dramatically in the past few years and I can’t see myself paying out that kind of money. Ill wait for it to drop around Christmas, I picked up the first Oasis box for $45 on amazon last Christmas .

  7. Joe Rodabarious says:

    Btw, if one is just interested in the complete musical content of all 3 CDs (which I am) – some digital music stores offer it for less than 20 €…

  8. graeme ewan says:

    I got excited, pre-ordered via Amazong and have now cancelled all pre-orders. Bit jaded with The Stones attitude to these releases. Bought exile box and some girls for about £45 after a while so will just wait. Oh but it has cardboard cut outs??!! FFS. need? Perhaps the blu ray of Marquee for me only now. As said above, most fans will have not just bootlegs but top quality boots of this by now anyway. Oh well, rant over, doubt the Stoneys will miss my cash alone, lets all not pre-order anything and see the price tumble (dreaming and wishful i know)…….

  9. Jack says:

    For those in the USA, it is available here for $139.97 with free shipping.

  10. Hedley says:

    Two tickets to sit on the field at Comerica and park the chariot will run $810.00

    I have seen them enough, I have heard them enough, I have a nice boot of Leeds. I will wait until this is 35 quid and think about it, and if Mick does a singalong like Exile, its no

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