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Van Morrison will release an album of duets next month, with the refreshingly honest subtitle ‘Re-working The Catalogue’.

The album will feature artists such as the late Bobby Womack, Mick Hucknall, Mark Knopfler, Steve Winwood and many more (see full track listing and details below).

Duets: Reworking the Catalogue is out on 15 March 2015.

CD Edition

Vinyl Version

Track listing

1. Some Peace Of Mind – Van Morrison & Bobby Womack
2. If I Ever Needed Someone – Van Morrison & Mavis Staples
3. Higher Than The World – Van Morrison & George Benson
4. Wild Honey – Van Morrison & Joss Stone
5. Whatever Happened to P.J. Proby – Van Morrison & P.J. Proby
6. Carrying A Torch – Van Morrison & Clare Teal
7. The Eternal Kansas City – Van Morrison & Gregory Porter
8. Streets of Arklow – Van Morrison & Mick Hucknall
9. These Are The Days – Van Morrison & Natalie Cole
10. Get On With The Show – Van Morrison & Georgie Fame
11. Rough God Goes Riding – Van Morrison & Shana Morrison
12. Fire In The Belly – Van Morrison & Steve Winwood
13. Born To Sing – Van Morrison & Chris Farlowe
14. Irish Heartbeat – Van Morrison & Mark Knopfler
15. Real Real Gone – Van Morrison & Michael Bublé
16. How Can A Poor Boy? – Van Morrison & Taj Mahal

27 responses to Van Morrison / new Duets album

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  2. Mark Hanson says:

    Being an American, this has been out for a couple of weeks here. It doesn’t suck – I was expecting worse. Not high praise, but Van is clearly in good voice here – better than many of his duet partners.

  3. James Pigg says:

    This looks beyond bad. Lazy and uninspiring. Next up the Van Morrison Christmas album…..

  4. Scottie says:

    mmm..tend to agree with all of the above, given Van’s past of being quite particular (and not to mention moody!!) about who he works with, how the hell did he manage to stay in company with this motley crew long enough to record an entire album….wait let me guess !! Superannuation !!

  5. Simon says:

    This looks extremely unpleasant – to be avoided at all costs!

  6. Richie says:

    Bloody Hell!!!!!!!! Sir Clifford of Richard was bad enough but Bubble and Huckleberrynal!…Van, you can count me out !

  7. HDN says:

    No Hucknell will ever be allowed into my collection.

  8. Malcolm Jackson says:

    Thank God for P.J. Proby!

  9. CHRIS says:

    Who the hell is Michael Bublé?

  10. Dave says:

    Right on the money Hedley. Theres probably ten poTential SDEs in his back catalogue.

  11. hedley says:

    If ever a catalog deserved a thoughtful Super Deluxe Series, its Van Morrison

    If ever a catalog did not deserve a nasty duets reissue its Van Morrison.

    The RRG with Bubble is laugh out loud awful.

  12. gareth says:

    Puzzled as to why he’s doing this. He rarely revisits the old stuff. I really liked ‘Born to Sing: No Plan B’ so was hoping for a new album of the same standard. The new version of ‘Real Real Gone’ with Buble is really weak. This’ll be one of those album he’s phones in.

    • ken says:

      “He rarely revisits his old stuff”?…..try one of his concerts Gareth, its the newer stuff that he rarely plays! Van is (was?) a genius and some of his gigs are amazing! But this is inexcusable. We are still waiting for “The Philosophers Stone Part 2” never mind the rest of the remasters. He said he was unhappy with the “Moondance” reissue, I can’t believe he’s ecstatic about this. New label, new attempt to re-invent himself. Please Van don’t try and tour with this album.

  13. JoeWiz says:

    There are those who like Van Morrison and those who have met him.

  14. Dave says:

    I only hope it rekindles interest in the back catalogue and maybe he’ll get a deal to get the rest of the remasters out that were stopped years ago. I Mean, how can we live in a society where St Dominics Preview (amongst other classics) is currently out of print?

  15. colm47 says:

    Have already heard the version of Real Real Gone with Buble.

    As a Van fan of over 35 years, I am not impressed!

    Agree with what Jim said above.

  16. Jim says:

    Hmm. Torn between wanting to have it for compeleteness’ sake and not wanting Buble or Hucknall in my collection.

  17. Jack C says:

    He picked the wrong songs to rework.

  18. Richard says:

    Michael Bublé was enough to put me off

  19. Luigi Facotti says:

    Wot no Willie Nelson? I thought it was obligatory that no duet album whether the singer was dead or alive could be released without Willie going through the motions.

  20. Simon says:

    Several standard rent-a-duettists there. Unappealing IMHO.

  21. CJ Feeney says:

    No Sir Cliff?

  22. John Steel says:

    Looks terrible

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