World Party / Arkeology first picture

World Party / Arkeology Box first picture

The five-disc Arkeology box set from World Party is now due for release in the UK on 4 June 2012. However, the US release still appears to be Tuesday next week (10 April).

Here’s an exclusive sneak-peak photo of the ring-bound ‘any year diary’ set – we will have more news and information on this box and the contents very soon.

6 responses to World Party / Arkeology first picture

  1. Neil says:

    Got mines today and it only cost me £22.82 from amazon because i preordered it. It’s on their now for £30 but it’s saying Usually dispatched within 1 to 3 weeks and yes i do agree Beeb about the stupid decision not to release it in the UK first.

  2. Beeb Fader says:

    They have really ballsed this up haven’t they? Why does the UK have to wait ? Probably so the PR machine can get into reminding people who Karl Wallinger is. It was advertised last week on Amazon for £27, now it’s £55 and unavailable. Sod it, it’s for some bizarre reason already up on Spotify in it’s entirety so I have grabbed it there for nothing. Their loss.

    It’s fantastic by the way !

  3. Bags says:

    Oh and I got mine for $31.49. that was the price about a week after it was first listed.

  4. Bags says:

    Just got shipping confirmation from Amazon. Will be getting this tomorrow in the US. Can’t wait to dig in!

  5. Neil says:

    Interesting that amazon uk have it for release on the 10th April and it’s not an import. Anyway i preordered a couple of weeks ago and since then the price has risen by £5 so i basically just saved myself a fiver.

  6. Hedley says:

    It’s floating right now in price at $34.99 at both Amazon and Best Buy so I am playing the waiting game through Tuesday to see if someone blinks. Will report Ina’s soon as I have it

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