Yes / “Close To The Edge” Hybrid SACD

Yes / Close To The Edge Audio Fidelity SACD

Audiophile reissue specialists Audio Fidelity will issue Yes’s 1972 prog-rock classic Close To The Edge as a hybrid SACD (Super Audio CD) on 15 January 2013.

This numbered limited edition has been remastered by the very highly regarded recording engineer Steve Hoffman, so expect great dynamics and an audiophile approach to the sound.

This hybrid disc will play on any CD player at ‘normal’ resolution, with the SACD ‘layer’ providing hi-res audio on SACD compatible hardware. Both layers will use the same new Hoffman remaster. The hi-res is stereo only, no 5.1 surround mix.

3 responses to Yes / “Close To The Edge” Hybrid SACD

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  2. grady says:

    One other thing…can you think about Tales from Topo Oceans in 5.1/ 2 chanell high res…since YES machine is on board? Thanks again, I will support your products.

  3. grady says:

    God bless you Audio Fidelity people. I pre ordered. Keep em comming. We dont need more Rush folks. I am a fan, and I have all the Rush I need now.

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