#ZTT30 / Celebrating ZTT Records

Frankie Goes To Hollywood / Relax (Sex Mix) 2014 vinyl

#ZTT30 Anniversary celebrations start next week on SuperDeluxeEdition

Next week sees a number special releases from Salvo Music to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of ZTT Records.

The deluxe version of the Frankie Goes To Hollywood compilation Frankie Said (reviewed here) hits the ‘shops’ and is joined by The Art of the 12″, Volume Three and another two-CD collection The Organisation of Pop (London Edition). Salvo are even putting out a limited twelve-inch vinyl version of Frankie’s Relax which is exclusive to Amazon.

SuperDeluxeEdition is joining in the celebrations; every day next week we will be bringing you ZTT-related news, reviews, interviews and competitions. We’ve chatted to ZTT stalwarts and Art of Noise members J.J. Jeczalik and Gary Langan who both candidly recall those heady days of the early 1980s when anything seemed possible and we’ll be bringing you exclusive news of a top secret ZTT project that will get fans’ pulses racing.

So keep your internet dial set to SuperDeluxeEdition, for some ZTT birthday celebrations. Starts on Monday 10 February!

19 responses to #ZTT30 / Celebrating ZTT Records

  1. Strictly Kev says:

    £7 is not extortionate for a 12″ at today’s prices, I just bought a new, 3 track 12″ on a German label for £13 and postage was on top of that.

  2. mr59 says:

    Search for “So8os Pres. Ztt” on the German Amazon website.

    The subtitle is “Mixed & Recontstructed by Blank&Jones”, so the reconstructed hints to mixes, where the master tape is missing.

    Also, the website lists FGTH, Propagana and Art of Noise as featured artists.

  3. mr59 says:

    did you know that there is a “So80s presents ZTT” listed on Amazon?

  4. martin says:

    One Fairleigh does a record label make.

  5. mr says:

    have you seen that there is a “So80s presents ZTT (Mixed and Reconstructed by Blank & Jones” 2-CD-set available for pre-order on

    Not surprisingly, FTH, The Art Of Noise and Propaganda are listed in the artists department…

    Search for ‘So8os Pres. Ztt’ on the website

  6. Jon says:

    I’m all for more ZTT catalog and unreleased material, but really, you could compile a Frankie box set yourself at this point!

  7. Mike says:

    Just get the frankie box set out before i die please ztt!

  8. Paul Kent says:

    Moving away from the merits (or otherwise) of the “Relax” 12″ for a moment, can I just say how much I’m looking forward to next week. Loved ZTT’s whole concept and execution (if not all the music). I remember trying feverishly to hoover up any and every FGTH and AoN release, back in the day. Despite some gripes and missteps, I think the ongoing reissue program has been superb, with real thought and care going into the content and design of the releases. I look forward to hearing about the ‘top secret’ project, particularly… FGTH reunion? Nah, I doubt it!

  9. Eric says:

    Modern-day limited/exclusive vinyls tend to be exhorbitantly priced, whoever sells them (HMV, indie shops, or amazon). Lana del Rey 7″ picture discs were 8.99! The Bowie singles last year were about a tenner as well.

  10. g man says:

    and it’s a previously not on vinyl mix :-)

  11. Mychael says:

    The Frankie 12″ isn’t THAT ‘exclusive to Amazon’ – it’s available via JPC in Germany (yes, them again…).

  12. Gary says:

    Exclusive to Amazon. I really don’t like that at all.

    • SimonP says:

      Especially when they’re charging over 7 quid for it!

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        £7 for what is presumably a heavyweight 12″ vinyl with decent ‘spined’ sleeve sounds reasonable to me.

        • SimonP says:

          To me it doesn’t matter how heavy the vinyl is, as this will only be a minutely different version to something that has probably already been released on CD already, if it’s even different at all. That CD will be available somewhere at a similar price and have rather more tracks on it…

          • Paul Sinclair says:

            You seem to be arguing about the concept of a single with a few tracks on it versus an album which has lots of tracks. Obviously “Art of the 12-inch, volume Two” which contains this remix and 2CDs worth of remixes is better value than this 12″. The point I was making is compared to other 12″ singles released in the last 12 months this isn’t particularly expensive and represents reasonable value. A 12″ in the mid-eighties would have cost you £2.99 or £3.49 while an album would be around £5. So the twelve-inch vinyl record has never been great value in terms of songs-per-pence, and that hasn’t changed today.

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