FIRST PICTURES: Boney M. Diamonds deluxe box set


Out last week was the Boney M. 40th anniversary Diamonds package and here SDE brings you some photos of the top-of-the-range 3CD+DVD+LP box set.

This comes as a large-format box which contains the deluxe 3CD Diamonds set, a single DVD in an amaray style case, a vinyl pressing of the 1976 album Take The Heat Off Me, a black ‘Daddy Cool’ T-shirt (size L) and a sticker sheet.

One major failing is that the DVD, which contains an interesting looking documentary (and nothing else), is German language only. Seems like somebody thought the appeal was so limited outside Deutschland that it wasn’t worth dubbing it into English or creating English subtitles. Despite this significant flaw, it’s still reasonable value at £27 from Amazon Germany.

The Diamonds box set is out now.

2 responses to FIRST PICTURES: Boney M. Diamonds deluxe box set

  1. Lieven says:

    Too bad that the ‘alternative mixes’ were taken from vinyl instead of the masters. The Carnival Is Over cover from an mp3!

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