FIRST PICTURES: Humble Pie / Performance: Rockin The Fillmore


Humble Pie‘s Rockin’ The Fillmore was originally a seven track live album from 1971.

The so-called ‘supergroup’ featuring guitarist Peter Frampton and Steve Marriott, actually performed four nights at the New York City venue in November of that year.

This new ‘complete recordings’ box from Universal/A&M/Omnivore presents all of the concerts in full across four CDs. The discs come packaged in card sleeves and reside in a soft-feel clamshell box. A 20-page booklet is also supplied with an essay by Tim Cohan and period photography.

Performance / Rockin’ The Fillmore: The Complete Recordings is out now. Track listing and further details can be found here.


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6 responses to FIRST PICTURES: Humble Pie / Performance: Rockin The Fillmore

  1. PaulB says:

    I got it from Sainsburys for £21 but not listed anymore -try Spin Cds

  2. Richie says:

    OOPS! Ive just seen the price on Amazon, over £65, seems like I made a good investment.

  3. Richie says:

    You may have a point James but for £17.99 it is still a bargain for what is a very presentable box.

  4. James Kelly says:

    Very nice. To me, this was the most underated live album ever. But I don’t get it. It’s more or less the same concert four times. They should have just expanded the Original, repackaged and remastered it. Am I alone on this one?

    • Mike says:

      Agreed. I can’t believe that there’s that much difference between the shows since it’s pretty much the same setlist.

  5. Jon Shaw says:

    Hopefully this will lead Omnivore to do the same with the concert from Glasgow’s Greens Playhouse which made up side four of Eat It. It’s badly in need of a remix but the Pie are fine form.

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