FIRST PICTURES: INXS / Kick Super Deluxe Edition four disc box set

Full review later this week. For now, enjoy these photos of the Super Deluxe Edition box set of Kick by INXS which was released in the UK today.

INXS / Kick Super Deluxe Edition

Outer slip case is around 9.5inches square (click to enlarge)

INXS / Kick Super Deluxe Edition

From left to right: Poster, disc wallet, slip case, book, sticker sheet (click to enlarge)

INXS / Kick Super Deluxe Edition

Rare photos in the book (click to enlarge)

INXS / Kick Super Deluxe Edition

Stylish design

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4 responses to FIRST PICTURES: INXS / Kick Super Deluxe Edition four disc box set

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  2. Phil Wilson says:

    Having listened to this boxset (it arrived last friday), the content on the CDs is disappointing. Whilst CD2 mirrors the tracks from the 2 CD deluxe edition from a few years back (with the addition of an alternative version of move on and a different running order), I just think it could have been better. All the mixes could have been put on the same disc, with the outtakes / live tracks on the other, but why could they not have included more live tracks? Of the unheard tracks, Never Tear Us Apart (Soul version), is an ok listen but not a patch on the original, and the remix of Calling all Nations looks like a 2012 remix, rather than one unreleased at the time. I think a Kick era live album would have been nice, not just a repackaging of the previous deluxe version. The book is good, but the card CD “wallet” has put faint scratches on all the discs, so I’m not impressed with it. I have not got round to watching the DVD yet and will post an update once I do, but it appears some of the promo videos are missing. Why? There is only one mix of Different World (with the 12″ mix missing) but CD3 just feels slight, with only 7 tracks on it. Looking forward to the 30th anniversary Super Duper Deluxe Edition :-)

  3. Don says:

    Interesting that the vintage “Mystify” poster lists some remixes that were, sadly, not included on the 25th anniversary set… :(

  4. Dave Jakubowski says:

    Looking forward to the full review. Thanks for sharing the pics to whet my appetite–gotta say, this box looks pretty darn good!

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