FIRST PICTURES: Pink Floyd / The Wall / Immersion Edition Box Set

Pink Floyd / The Wall Immersion Box / First Pictures[nggallery id=55]

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  2. Ron says:

    I really love the artwork of this box and of Wish as well, though am not too happy with what they did for Dark…
    Neither do I like the fact that each box looks like everything has just been carelessly thrown inside the box and then they quickly close the lid. The (unfortunately very expensive) Kasabian Velociraptor! box should act as an example here. Everything has its own space and most items are even strapped to hold everything in its place.

    I do hope that they will release an Animals box one day! This is still my fav PF album.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Dark Side had the novelty value of being “new”. But when WYWH and The Wall came out it was like some kind of checklist. Scarf, check. Marbles, check. Two booklets, check. Memorabilia, check. They kept the boxes the same to keep costs down, but by doing so much of the ‘magic’ was lost from each subsequent box.

  3. Martin Elorga says:

    Como hago para conseguirla, es exelente!

  4. Kiwwy says:

    I like the artwork on my old yellowed LP.
    But this 2011 remaster sounds much much better. Made me wonder how much they’ve actually tinkered with the sound. But then again I’ve never heard The Wall on CD before, so I can’t compare to ealier CD masters.

  5. EMMANUEL says:


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