Out this week is R.E.M‘s massive six-DVD box set REMTV.  A collaboration between Rhino and MTV, this set comprehensively charts the career of the Athens, Georgia band via nearly 15 hours of footage including both Unpluggeds (with outtakes), a VH1 Storytellers (from 1998), performances at multiple award ceremonies (MTV, Video Music Awards, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame). The set also features an excellent new feature-length documentary  called MTV by R.E.M.

We’ve seen the documentary but have yet to wade through all this content. What is impressive however, is how well packaged this set it. You can view a photos below.

fanNot for REMTV some kind of plastic ‘Amaray’ case. The six discs come packaged in a soft-feel hardcover ‘book’ with magnetic enclosure that opens to reveal six strong leaves each containing a DVD. As you will see, all the artwork is taken from video grabs and is in keeping with the rough pixelated cover design. Tucked away at the back is a 20-page booklet with notes from Anthony Decurtis, more photos and detailed track listing.

Can’t wait to watch the content, but REMTV passes the first test with flying colours – it is a high quality package that undoubtedly reflects the quality of the music within.

REMTV is out now. It is still under £40 on Amazon UK which is great value indeed.

Photo Gallery below. Click to enlarge, then click again to continue viewing.

10 responses to FIRST PICTURES: R.E.M. / REMTV

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  2. Henry says:

    Got both the US and UK versions and the quality of the UK cover is superior.

  3. 90s Kid says:

    I can confirm that the booklet is tucked into the back of the packaging. Amazing care and attention, not to mention VFM. Unlike the 7″ box.

  4. Paul Sinclair says:

    That’s how mine was. I think that’s how they are supposed to be – the ‘back’ page of the booklet is tucked in holding it in place reasonably securely from what I could see.

  5. Joe says:

    Got my DVD, but no booklet in mine,

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