FIRST PICTURES / The Eagles Studio Albums 1972-1979 box

The Eagles / Studio Albums 1972-1978 box set

New this week is The Eagles Studio Albums 1972-1978 box.

This limited edition set contains the Californian rock band’s six albums from the classic seventies era before their infamous “14-year vacation” (after which they returned with Hell Freezes Over). Included here are Eagles, Deperado, On The Border, One Of These Nights, Hotel California, and The Long Run.

The CDs come in the usual straightforward card sleeves with vinyl replica artwork. No gatefolds, inner sleeves or booklet(s) with this set. The clam-shell style box is quite sturdy and the whole thing is pretty similar to the recent Van Halen box set.

The Eagles / Studio Albums 1972-1978 box set

The Eagles / Studio Albums 1972-1978 box set

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6 responses to FIRST PICTURES / The Eagles Studio Albums 1972-1979 box

  1. Marcus Sigismund says:

    It would be very much appreciated if there was a booklet included like in the Byrds box set.
    But thank you for the pictures and information.

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  3. golfgti says:

    Are the six albums the “original” ones ?

    To be more precise: is there any information of remastering given on/with this box set ?

  4. Hedley says:

    Very interested to hear comments on the sound quality/ remaster, if any

  5. Leemer says:

    This was a minor disappointment b/c no gatefolds, inner sleeves or booklet but hey. While it may seem ungrateful to complain about that for 6 discs of newly remastered audio, it’s quite sad that they didn’t include the gatefolds at least or a booklet with complete art.

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