IN PICTURES: Eric Clapton / Slowhand Super Deluxe Editon

Eric Clapton / Slowhand Super Deluxe Edition box set

Glossy four leave gatefold content to the right, slipcase to the left

Eric Clapton‘s 1977 album Slowhand was one of the last super deluxe edition box sets to be released last year when Universal snuck it out in mid December.

The big box doubles the standard deluxe edition’s two discs, by including a DVD with hi-res stereo and 5.1 surround sound (not lossless), and including the Hammersmith Odeon gig from 27 April 1977 in its entirety. It also comes with a 12-inch vinyl version of the album (full spec here).

The box itself has a very nice textured slipcase, but just when you thought these sets were getting predictable, a big surprise awaits when you try to extract the contents. The glossy twelve-inch leaves which hold the booklets, CDs and vinyl, pull out far enough for you to turn them over but are attached to some inner mechanism within the slipcase that prevents you from removing them completely. Very strange, and rather disconcerting.

To be honest, it doesn’t really work. You suddenly have a 24-inch wide object to deal with, with the slipcase attached to your left, like some kind of limpet, as you browse through the various elements of this edition. Two of the leaves are effectively ‘pockets’ for booklets and they won’t lie completely flat when you turn them over, which is a little irritating.

Univeral Music Enterprises (UMe) handled similar content far more successfully with the 2011 super deluxe edition of Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On.

Despite the imperfect design, the printed material such as the booklet; reproduction tour programmes, and Pete Frame family tree are all rather good, and even though they have failed to provide the 5.1 on a Blu-ray, at least 5.1 was on the agenda, and the stereo mix is of course hi-res.

Eric Clapton / Slowhand Super Deluxe Edition box set

Large booklet (click to enlarge)

Eric Clapton / Slowhand Super Deluxe Edition box set

Reproduction programmes and family tree poster (click to enlarge)

Eric Clapton / Slowhand Super Deluxe Edition box set

Bizarre packaging doesn’t allow the contents to leave the slipcase!

Eric Clapton / Slowhand Super Deluxe Edition box set

12-inch leaves with pockets hold content

Eric Clapton / Slowhand Super Deluxe Edition box set

Final two discs on the left (click to enlarge)

Eric Clapton / Slowhand super deluxe edition pictures

Vinyl stored in the last leaf with the guitar on it (click to enlarge)

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5 responses to IN PICTURES: Eric Clapton / Slowhand Super Deluxe Editon

  1. DEAN says:

    Can I ask that they stop making me buy vinyl? I really don’t like having to pay more for something I don’t want/need. Keep it as a separate package.

  2. Galley says:

    Same here. Bonus vinyl is worthless to me. I haven’t purchased vinyl since 1979.

  3. John Able says:

    Although I sit on the other side of the fence and pretty much only buy vinyl, I take the point. Some super deluxe editions are worth the extra. Fleetwood Mac, Rumours for example works out at just an extra £20 to gain 4 CD’s and a DVD together with a single LP.
    I wish that there were vinyl editions of Blue Oyster Cult’s latest box set, along with James The Gathering Sound and a bit miffed that the extras within Blur’s 21 CD set are far superior to my vinyl box set but I guess it’s hard to please everyone at the same time.

  4. DEAN says:

    Nothing against vinyl lovers, mate. It’s just that it feels like every time I go to buy petrol they’re forcing me into buying a couple gallons of diesel I’ll never use as well. :-)

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