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There is something rather appropriate about this vinyl box set of five 12-inch singles, featuring the best of Chic in extended form.

Call it a link back to those heady days of Studio 54 in the late 1970s, but pulling the record from the sturdy slipcase, sliding the 180g vinyl from its thick sleeve (with period design) and putting the needle down – accurately – with the hiss of anticipation, is a satisfying ritual far removed from pressing ‘play’ on a CD remote control, or clicking on an MP3 file.

This set is basically a Chic mini greatest hits, featuring long versions of  Everybody Dance, Le Freak, I Want Your Love, and Good Times amongst its ten tracks.

There are cheaper ways of getting these songs, of course, (many of them – in different form – are on the recent Up All Night set) but for the people out their still buying vinyl, this no filler, all killer, selection is fittingly decadent.

Chic / The 12″ Singles Collection vinyl box set is out now.


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Chic 12″ Singles Collection track listing:

Record 1

  • A: Dance, Dance, Dance (8.20)
  • B: Everybody Dance (8.27)

Record 2

  • A: Le Freak (5.31)
  • B: I Want Your Love (6.45)

Record 3

  • A: Chic Cheer (4.44)
  • B: Good Times (8.11)

Record 4

  • A: My Forbidden Lover (6.26)
  • B: My Feet Keep Dancing (6.40)

Record 5

  • A: Hangin’ (5.13)
  • B: Chic Mystique (6.52)

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