Record Store Day Preview 2016 / Soft Cell: Sex Dwarf pink vinyl 12-inch


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Record Store Day 2016 is this Saturday and in the first of a series of previews, SDE brings you a selection of photo gallerys of some of the limited edition items on offer. First off, Soft Cell‘s Sex Dwarf on pink vinyl…

This is a three-track 12-inch and features the ‘Original’ version, the ‘Non-Stop Estatic Dancing’ version and The Grid remix.

This is available at an independent record shop near you on Saturday 16 April



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5 responses to Record Store Day Preview 2016 / Soft Cell: Sex Dwarf pink vinyl 12-inch

  1. Matthew Jessee says:

    Definitely on my list! Love the idea of RSD editions of singles that should have been! More artists should consider that.

  2. Auntie Sabrina says:

    Good video too if I remember correctly, the original not the animated one…

  3. Christian Fex says:


  4. Joseph says:

    I second the emotion regarding RSD editions of singles that should’ve been. Why not?

  5. Hiram says:

    got 2 copies- great effort; instead of just merely re-pressing an existing 12″.

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