Elvis Presley / The Complete 50s Masters box set reissue

Elvis Presley / The Complete 50's Masters 5CD box setThe Sony/RCA repackage of the Elvis Presley The Complete 50’s Masters box set was released last week, and like previous ‘bookset’ reissues from the same label, there appear to be all ‘pros’ and very few ‘cons’ with this release.

Back in 1992 when it was first issued, UK fans would have paid well over £50 for this package. Today, the five-CD set is available for the incredible price of £12.99. The content hasn’t changed, simply reconfigured into the shelf-friendly DVD-sized ‘bookset’. You still get every studio master released by Elvis in the 1950s, as well as rare recordings (My Happiness and That’s When Your Heartaches Begin from 1953) and various alternate takes / outtakes and live cuts. In total, 140 tracks tell the story from the early Sun Records recordings, and the RCA signing, until Elvis put his recording career on hold when joined the army in 1958.

The 44-page booklet contains the same Peter Guralnick essay as the original, guiding us through Presley’s career-defining early years in an informative and entertaining manner. There is also a ‘sessionograhy’ detailing all the recording sessions, as well as a discography. An abundance of photos including album covers, posters, ticket stubs and record labels evoke the era perfectly.

Elvis Presley / The Complete 50's Masters 5CD box set

A minor quibble is the rather fiddly way the CDs are held in place with plastic sprung clips sitting below each disc, requiring a firm downwards tug at the top of each disc to release and re-seat each CD, but overall, this superb package just got a whole lot more attractive thanks to the excellent packaging and cheap price point.

UK Order: The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll: The Complete 50’s Masters

Elvis Presley / The Complete 50's Masters 5CD box set

4 responses to Elvis Presley / The Complete 50s Masters box set reissue

  1. Stevie Dal says:

    Great value, i have this and the 70’s one in the old style and the 60’s one in this style.
    If you’re just getting into The King it’s a top top purchase. Guralnick is the man when it comes to Elvis so the sleevenotes are great as well !

  2. B Williams says:

    Is this still the old mastering that was done for when the set was originally released, or have they updated it with Vic Anesini remasters?

  3. Paul English says:

    I have the three “decade” sets in their original 12″x12″ packaging and I have to say they look a lot better than these scaled-down versions. Each disc comes with its own jewel case. However I paid a lot more than £12.99 for each one so that must be taken into consideration….

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