Ian Anderson / “Homo Erraticus” 4-disc deluxe book edition


A look at the deluxe version of Ian Anderson‘s new album Homo Erraticus. For full track listing and other details take a look at this post.

4 responses to Ian Anderson / “Homo Erraticus” 4-disc deluxe book edition

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  2. John says:

    I bought the cheaper CD/DVD version and while it is a good album I don’t think I would have been overly interested in the demos or commentary disc in this deluxe book edition, especially given the difference in price.

    Does anybody who owns it feel that the text and photos in the deluxe book or the commentary audio adds to the album significantly enough to warrant the extra cost?

    • Michel says:

      same here….. too much of a difference in price… and then a commentary disc… come on !!!

      • John says:

        My personal view is that deluxe edition extras like demos, live versions or commentaries etc only tend to work for re-releases of albums that have been around a fair few years and that people are very familiar with. There is just more of a context there.

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