Scott Rodger, Manager of Paul McCartney, talks reissues

Watch this video interview, for a fantastic insight into the impact Paul McCartney‘s manager Scott Rodger has had over the last five years, starting from 2007’s Memory Almost Full album through to the recent RAM reissue. He talks to Ian Rogers about digital archives, reissues, and Wings Over America and the Rockshow film. He also manages Arcade Fire and talks about them and Bjork at the beginning. Macca discussion starts exactly 20 minutes in.


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5 responses to Scott Rodger, Manager of Paul McCartney, talks reissues

  1. greg says:

    he is a rather impressive guy, what is obvious he is the man behind moving everything online and the modernisation of his business . What is also exciting is he mentions that wings over america is next before the year is out and also confirms rockshow is coming in its entirety awesome on both counts.

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