The Beatles / Stereo Vinyl box video

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9 responses to The Beatles / Stereo Vinyl box video

  1. DogFacedBoy says:

    Ah so when we said about the CDs (particularly the mono box set) “How The Beatles Intended” we didn’t mention that vinyl is obviously better. Sorry bout that. Cash please!

  2. Jack says:

    You should list for pre orders. Lowest price at $280.00

  3. Lenny Banter says:

    How long until we have the Mono vinyl box set?

  4. Ron says:

    I’ll pass this time thank you very much. I already have their albums 3x on CD (1988 box and the recent stereo & mono box sets). If I want their stuff on vinyl I will get the original ones, as that is how they initially intended them ;)

  5. Cristiano says:

    € 319,99 on

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  8. Kitkat says:

    Rainbo sure fxxked up the US edition! Glad the MONO set is being pressed @ Optimal.

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